My Life in Pictures by Davy Jones

Hallo, mates. I’m back with yet another installment of my life story in pictures. Hope you have been keeping a scrapbook, because this may go on forever! If you missed Parts 1 and 2, they appeared in the March and April issues of 16, which you can order by turning to the Back Issues section—see Page 63.

  • Davy Jones
    Shortly after I became an apprentice jockey, an agent who owns some horses in the stable where I worked started getting me acting parts. The very first professional role I ever had was the part of Michael in Peter Pan in 1962. I was 15 and a half, and Jane Asher played Wendy in our acting company. When we went to Scotland to do the show on tour, I posed—in the proper attire, of course—outside Edinburgh Castle. Do you think this is what started the mini skirt trend?
  • Davy Jones
    I still kept up with things back at the stable in New Market. I was not quite 16 when I had this picture taken of me exercising the very first race horse I was to ride. This was one of my favorite horses. My dream is to own a couple of horses one day (one for me and one for my Dad), and keep them at the stable where I usd [sic] to work, so that I can ride when I go back home to visit.
  • Davy Jones, Deborah Jane Wilkinson
    When I was 16, Dad took this snapshot of me with my niece, Deborah, outside our old house in Manchester. Deborah is the daughter of my older sister, Hazel.
  • Harry Jones, Davy Jones
    Here is a shot of Dad and me when I was 16 and a half. This was the last picture of us taken together before I left for America with the musical company of Oliver! We were both very pleased and excited at the prospects for my future.
  • The Artful Dodger (Davy Jones)
    No, that’s not a bottle of real wine I’m holding. It’s the stage prop for my role as “The Artful Dodger” in the Broadway production of Oliver! This was taken in 1963.
  • Davy Jones
    Here is a picture of me by a stage door during the run of Oliver! in 1964. A fan took this picture and mailed it to Gloria Stavers at 16 Magazine, and she published it. It was the first picture of me ever to be printed in America!
  • Davy Jones
    You’ll never guess what I did in my spare time. That’s right—I went riding in Central Park.

This is not the end. I’ll see you next month with the rest of my life story in pictures. The June issue of 16 goes on sale April 20—so reserve your copy now.

Magazine: 16
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 8
Issue: 12
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Pages: 18–19