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THE MONKEES will do 40 one-night stands all over America during the summer, so it’s very likely that you will be seeing them in your hometown. But if you miss them, don’t cry—they are doing a movie late in March which should be ready by summer . . . DAVY JONES’ groovy dad sent him 21 one-pound notes (that’s British money, baby) for his birthday—one for each year. DAVY gave MIKE NESMITH an antique captain’s sword for his birthday. The sword has a solid gold handle . . . PETER NOONE is now a record producer. He recorded Hey Gyp for The 3 ½ on Cameo Parkway, a talented and adorable group—see pic (the guy in the tie ain’t a 3 ½—he’s from the record company) . . . Motorbike maniacs include MARK LINDSAY, KEITH ALLISON and DENNIS WILSON. They have a secret place in the Hollywood Hills which they simply call “the dirt”. Incidentally, KEITH is up for a TV series of his own. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for him . . . The HOLLIES not quite, but almost, stole the show from HERMAN’S HERMITS on their last tour of the States together. I predict that they are going to be one of the few English groups left to take America by storm . . . YALE SUMMERS is taking singing lessons and will soon be recording on MGM Records . . . The CYRKLE’S cute new addition is MIKE LOSEKAMP. He is 20 and hails from Dayton . . . Uncle Sam is on the brink of snatching two teen idols right out of the two top American groups! . . . Speaking of U.N.C.L.E.’s—hope you caught SONNY & CHER’s performance on the show of the same name. Dig this cute gag shot S & C and David posed especially for 16 . . . Kooky idea suggestion of the month: A double-bill featuring the Rolling Stones and Gary And The Hornets.

Forget about that silly rumor that MARK LINDSAY cut off his ponytail. The columnist who wrote that just ran out of news to print, so he started making up things . . . JAMES DARREN has his own record-producing company. Let’s hope we will be hearing lots more from him . . . JOHN LAW just finished shooting an Italian western in Portugal. Let’s hope they become totally “geographic” and release it in America . . . BRIAN EPSTEIN signed THE WHO. He hopes to make them into “the English Monkees” . . . SIMON & GARFUNKEL were absolutely super-sensational at their sell-out concert at Philharmonic Hall. If they come to your town, don’t miss their show . . . MICKY DOLENZ spent his February layoff time traveling to New York, London, Berlin and Copenhagen. DAVY spent his in New York, Nassau and London (his traveling companion was his best friend, DAVID PEARL, natch). MIKE NESMITH and his best friend, JOHN LONDON visited New York and then took a camping trip through western Texas and into Mexico. PETER TORK went straight to his old stomping grounds, Greenwich Village—where he spent his entire layoff with his friends there.

GG recommended LPs this month are: Donovan’s beautiful, Mellow Yellow on Epic; Keith’s, 98.6/Ain’t Gonna Lie on Mercury; the Hollies, Stop! Stop! Stop! on Imperial; the Stones, Between The Buttons, on London; Peter and Gordon’s, Lady Godiva on Capitol; The Young Bloods on RCA Victor and The Doors on Elektra . . . Also keep your eyes open for Tim Buckley’s next Elektra LP. It’s really going to be a trend-setter . . . ERIC ANDERSEN, who is getting some real swingin’ rock into his folk singing and playing, did turn-away business at New York’s Cafe A Go Go. Among those who caught his act were PETER TORK, MARK LINDSAY, PETER NOONE, PHIL OCHS, ZAL YANOVSKY, BARRY and CYNTHIA MANN and STEVE DeNAUT.

THE MONKEES caught the JEFFERSON AIRPLANE’s performance at Basin Street West while in San Francisco, and flipped for them . . . GEORGE HARRISON bought a disco in Nassau called Sibyllas Grand Bahama . . . What very popular member of what very popular group has kept his “childhood marriage” a secret and is now divorced? . . . Peter Tork, that’s who. I’ll tell all next month—I think I’ll beat it for this time. See ya’ soon. Remember that love is The Word—and don’t forget to practice it.

Magazine: 16
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 8
Issue: 12
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Pages: 36–37