The Monkee-Mailbox

Now you can write a letter to your favorite Monkee—or to all four Monkees—and be sure that you will get a personal reply!

FLASH! Attention all 16 regulars! Presenting The Monkee-Mailbox—the only place in the world where you can write a letter to your favorite Monkee and be sure to get a personal answer. Since the letters to Davy, Micky, Peter and Mike are already flooding the offices of 16 Magazine, the boys decided to get an early start. So here’s a surprise for some of you lucky 16-ers who have written inquiries about the Monkees or sent personal letters to your fave in care of 16 Magazine:

Dear Davy,

I heard that you had a girlfriend, either in England or here in the States, and that you wanted to get married. I just can’t believe that’s true. I certainly hope it is not. Please tell me yes or no.

Joanne Parshall
New Castle, Pa.

Dear Joanne,

The answer is, no—no—a thousand times no! I don’t go steady, thank you for caring.


Dear Monkees,

I would like to know if you are going to be on The Ed Sullivan Show. If so, when?

Becky Foehringer
South Euclid, Ohio

Dear Becky,

Peter Tork here. At this moment, we do not have any TV show scheduled aside from our regular Monday night NBC-TV show, The Monkees. We all would like to do The Ed Sullivan Show and maybe it will happen one day. If it does, you can rest assured you’ll hear about it first right here in the pages of good old 16.


Dear Micky,

I heard that you were on Peyton Place two years ago. Could you tell me what role you played?

Helen Street
New York City

Dear Helen,

I thought you’d never ask! I played the role of “Kitch” in Peyton Place. I guess I wasn’t a big smash, because they didn’t keep me on the show very long. Oh, well, you can’t win ’em all.


Dear Mike,

Is it true that you and Phyllis are moving into a new $200,000 mansion in Beverly Hills?

Patty Leffler
Detroit, Michigan

Dear Patty,

It is 99% true. Phyllis and I finally found a beautiful house that we like very much. Now, all we have to do is straighten out the real estate man’s head so that it lines up with ours. Seriously though, we probably will be ensconced in a new home by the time you head this—just don’t know whether it will be a $200,000 mansion.


Dear Micky,

I recently read in a yeech magazine that you go steady with a girl named Randy Creadick. They even said that you could be the next Monkee to marry. Please tell me you don’t intend to marry. My girlfriend and I are very concerned.

Marilyn Erentsen
Bay Short, N.Y.

Dear Marilyn,

Calm your fears. Your ever-loving Micky Dolenz ain’t about to get hitched! I have dated Randy, who did a role on the show once—but I date many, many other girls. I’m sorry that you were caused so much worry. Cure: Read 16 and keep your cool.


Dear Peter,

I really love the Monkees and especially you. Do you play the bagpipes? Are you working on another album? Love always,

Erika Borstelmann
Huntington, N.Y.

Dear Erika,

Strangely enough, I have played the bagpipes once when a friend of mine had them in Greenwich Village. I was amazed that I could even make a noise come out. I’m very interested in studying the bagpipes and maybe using some of their groovy sounds on one of our records. We have just finished another LP. Two of the tunes are, Just Like All Of Your Toys and The Girl I Knew Somewhere—Mike wrote both of them and Micky sings lead on Toys. Chip Douglas of the Turtles helped to A & R the session.


Dear Monkees,

Do you think that you will ever make a movie? We hope so.

Judy and Donna Nelmer
Hazelton, Pa.

Dear Judy and Donna,

We sure are gonna make a movie. At this exact moment we don’t know when we will start shooting it, but we think it will be in the spring. We hope to have a movie out in the theaters by late August.


Dear Mike,

Could you please tell me how the girls who get acting parts on the Monkees’ show are selected? Do they have to be from California?

Jacky Boln
Warren, Ohio

Dear Jacky,

The producers—Bert Schneider or Bob Rafelson—help to pick all of the leads, and Ward Sylvester also helps make the decision. Most of the young actresses are recommended through Eddie Foy, who is casting director for Screen Gems. He selects the ingenues from a casting film that he has. It is probably easier to get a part if you live in L.A., but if you have any acting experience—send a photo composite and full data on yourself to the casting office at Screen Gems (1334 N. Beechwood Dr., Hollywood) and (who knows) you may get lucky.


Dear Davy,

What do you think of chubby girls with medium long, dark blonde hair? I’m writing a book now. I’ll let you read it some day. O.K.? Thank you for your valuable time.

Glenda Stephen
Flint, Michigan

Dear Glenda,

I think all girls are wonderful. I do not differentiate because of size, weight or coloring. When you finish your book, please send me a copy. Until then—think of me.


That all there’s room for this month. If you want to write to us, either as a group or individually, send your letters to The Monkee-Mailbox, 16 Magazine, 745 Fifth Avenue, New York City 10022. Then be sure to pick up all the future issues of 16 and look for your letter and our answers.

Magazine: 16
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 8
Issue: 12
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Page: 51