The Lo-Down

THAT gold wedding band DINO wears on the third finger of his left hand is a “family heirloom”. Yeah, DINO but whose family? (Don’t worry, leetle-luvs, sweet DINO ain’t married.) . . . MARY QUANT recently designed some mini knickers and the ROLLING STONES say they’ll be the first to wear them on stage. Er—ah—hey, MICK—like they’re eleven inches above the knee . . . Yes, BURT WARD and his wife are thinking of getting separated or even divorced. Meanwhile, BONNY has had a nose job, is studying acting, and has her first role—guess what as? Wonderboy ROBIN’s girl friend on the Batman series! You go figure it out. (All I want to know is: who gets the cats?) . . . PETER QUAIFE, who quit the KINKS, has rejoined them after six months’ recuperation from a serious automobile accident. Funnily enough, their new “single” was recorded seven months ago—before the bust-up and reunion . . . It wasn’t such a giggle when a scuddy teen-fan mag ran a picture of DAVY JONES’ “stepmother”. DAVY’s one and only mom, to whom he was deeply attached, passed away several years ago, and his father has never remarried . . . Inner tensions and rivalries are shaking the foundations of one of America’s top rock ’n’ roll groups. Maybe it’s just “growin’ pains”—or maybe they forgot Love is The Word . . . PETER McENERY has a secret. No, he’s not married, but it does concern a “certain woman” . . . DAVID McCALLUM isn’t trying very hard to keep his romance with pretty model KATHIE CARPENTER a secret. (Can’t say that I blame him.) . . . ELVIS PRESLEY’s manager, COLONEL TOM PARKER, keeps denying that ELVIS is married to his longtime steady, “PRISS” BEAULIEU, and ELVIS keeps remaining silent. My guess is no.

If you thought you saw KEITH RICHARD [sic] or BRIAN JONES walkin’ down the Sunset Strip sometime early in December—well, you were right. They went to L.A. for a week to “goof off”. BRIAN went back to London to meet his sweetheart, ANITA PALLENBERG, when she flew in after finishing a film in Germany. They both staunchly denied they would be getting married “…within the next 48 hours.” O.K., BRIAN, your “48 hours” are up . . . You can bet your jet that DAVY JONES and his pal, DAVID PEARL, will never fly on Braniff Airlines again. After a weekend in New York, 16 drove them out to the airport. The boys checked in, sat around and chatted for a while, and five minutes before departure went to get on the plane. But ah-hah—the plane was gone! As the rude clerk explained, “Our planes always leave a few minutes early.” Now, I ask, is that any way to run an airlines [sic]? The answer is NO! (Maybe the clerk was just one of those guys who hates cats with long hair. (Oh, dear, that means I shan’t fly on Braniff, either! Me-ow!)

Magazine: 16
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 8
Issue: 10
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Page: 38