You Asked

In this column we will try to answer every question you ask about any movie, TV or record star. If you have a question, send it to You Asked, Teen Screen, 6425 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood Calif, 90028. We cannot give you a personal answer by mail.

I read somewhere that Keith Allison is going with Tina Madison from “Where The Action Is.” Is this true?

Dorothy Somekh
Forest Hills, N.Y.


Could you tell me where I can write to Noel Harrison and Stephanie Powers?

Patsy Peoples
Dadeville, Ala.

You can write to the U.N.C.L.E. people, all of them, at 10202 W. Washington Blvd., Culver City, Calif. 90230.

Why don’t you ever print anything about the Monkees? They are my fave group.

Nancy Seidel
Riley, Ind.

Just check this issue for the current Monkee madness.

Where can I write to Leonard Nimoy who plays on “Star Trek?”

Susan Skiba
Erie, Pa.

You can write to him c/o NBC-TV, 3000 W. Alameda, Burbank, Calif. 91505.

Could you tell me how old, how tall and what color hair and eyes Mike of the Monkees is/has?

Sherri Jeane Henslee
Garden Grove, Calif.

Mike is 24 and about 6' tall. He has brown hair and eyes.

Is Randy Boone married? And where can I write to him?

Bartlesville, Okla.

Yes, Randy is married. You can write to him c/o 1260 N. Laurel Ave., Hollywood, Calif. 90046.

Could you please tell me how old the Hardtimes are?

Phoenix, Ariz.

Here goes! Rudy Romero is 19; Paul Wheatbread is 20; Bill Richardson is 21; Bob Morris and Lee Kiefer are both 23.

What is the name of Monkee, Mike Nesmith’s wife and how old is his son?

Nancy Keith
Orlando, Fla.

Mike’s wife’s name is Phyllis and she is 20. Their son is 23 months old.

I would like to know about Mia Farrow. I heard that she was going to marry and wasn’t going to appear on “Peyton Place.”

Martha Scruggs
Holly Springs, Miss.

Mia got married not too long ago to Frank Sinatra and of course gave up her position on “Peyton Place.”

We think Peter McEnery is really great. Could you please tell us if he is married, if so to whom, when his birthday is, if he is going to make any more films, and his address.

Sandy Stewart & Nicky Hines
Shreveport, La.

We think he’s great too. Peter’s birthday is Feb. 21 and he was born in 1940 which makes him just 27. He will definitely be making more films in the future. He is not married! You can write to him at 500 S. Buena Vista Dr., Burbank, Calif. 91505.

I would like to know very much if any of Herman’s Hermits are married or going steady with any girls. If so, for how long?

Deborah Kirby
Berlin, Germany

No, Deborah… you can rest assured that they are all too busy touring and seeing all of the fans they love to have steady girlfriends… much less be married.

I have a problem. I read in a magazine—dated 1965 that Michael Anderson Jr. is single. Now I read he is married and that his wife is pregnant. I say he is married and my friends say that he is single. Who is right?


You are. Michael is married.

I love Peter McEnery! But alas! I don’t know much about him. Please tell me… what is his full name, his height. Does he live in the U.S.A. or in England. What type of girls does he like. Does he likes blondes or brunettes. Could you please print a huge, gigantic, big article and a huge picture of him?

Julie, Bev, Debbie, Kris, Laurie, Marilyn, Cathy and Elaine
Sioux City, Iowa

His full name is Peter McEnery, his height is 6'1" and he lives in England. He likes girls who like to read and are nice and natural. Keep an eye on future issues for many groovy goodies on Peter.

I noticed in a recent issue of TS a picture of Peter Noone with a cigarette in his mouth. I want to know if it really is a cigarette. I didn’t think he smoked.

Cecelia Scarberry
Willits, Calif.

Yes, Peter was smoking and still smokes.

This Sunday in one of our newspaper’s magazines, there was a paragraph entitled “Beatle Family Tree.” It said that in England, pamphlets entitled “Up The Beatles Family Tree” which cost 60c were being sold. I would like to know where I could send away for one.

Christine Meredith
Syracuse, New York

Try your local bookstore first and if they can’t order them then write to James House, 71 New Oxford, London W.C.1, England.

We would like to know what Graham Nash’s wife, Rosemarie, thought of Graham having a date with Cass Elliot. Also, how come he is now living with Gary Leeds in London? Did Graham and Rosemarie get a divorce or what??

Carol Stien & Star Hallowell
Belleville, Kans.

The last we heard, Graham and Rosemarie were separated and Graham is no longer living with Gary Leeds.

Could you please print an address where I can reach Keith (of no last name) and some information about him.

Lennie Chain
Los Angeles, Calif.

You can write to Keith at 35 East Wacker Dr., Chicago, 111. 60601. For further info, see this issue.

How can we be sure our favorite stars are going to receive our letters when you give so many different addresses for the same star? Example: Ian Whitcomb—one address in Los Angeles and the other in England. They’re so far apart so which one is right. It’s not just Ian—it’s all of them.

D. Ann Cover
Norristown, Pa.

The reason we give you a group of addresses for each star is so you will have a better chance of reaching them. You see, if you send a letter to each of the mentioned addresses, you have a better chance of reaching your favorite star.

Would you please tell me where I can write to Leigh Taylor Young of Peyton Place.

Barbara Best
Bellmore, N.Y.

You can write to Leigh at 4151 Prospect Ave., Hollywood, Calif. 90027.

I just read the wonderful news in a teenage mag that Diana Ross (of The Supremes) is married. If she is, please tell me when she married and if it will interfere with her career.

Jerry Jaco
Wichita Falls, Texas

As this goes to press, Diana is not married, but when she is, we’ll let you know.

Magazine: Teen Screen
Editor: Sheldon M. Heiman
Volume: 9
Issue: 3
Publisher: Continental Communications, Inc.
Pages: 8–9