Peter Tork, James Frawley, Davy Jones, Micky Dolenz, Mike Nesmith
Monkee birthday parties are always fun. In October Davy, Peter, Micky and Mike celebrated director Jim Frawley’s birthday on the set. Jim is one of the big reasons behind the show’s success.

The never-before-told stories about your favorites from the gal who PERSONALLY knows them all!

Fang came by to see me the day after the Raiders returned from a date in Chicago. He had a huge bump on his nose and when I asked about it, he informed me, “A fan threw one of those huge suckers at me during the show. It almost knock me out. I was lucky I only got a bump!”

Poor MARK LINDSAY. He had another car accident. Driving manager ROGER HART’S Ferrari home from a day in the mountains, MARK learned that deer don’t move too fast and plowed into one on the road. He smashed the entire front section of the car. MARK came out without a scratch luckily. Just recently he also smashed up his Maserati on the Hollywood Freeway. Take it easy MARK. We want to keep you around a long time.

One day this month I made a routine visit to the set of “ACTION” and, as usual, had a great time! TOMMY ROE was one of the guests and he had on a blue sweat shirt with the words “Hooray For Hazel” across the front.

“I painted them on myself,” he admitted, “but I didn’t use the right kind of paint and it’s begun to smear. I just hope it lasts until I tape my number.”

Also, I got to see something I’d never witnessed before… FANG and SMITTY getting haircuts! The barber only took off a quarter of an inch, so there was no drastic change.

It was really fun to visit my friends THE HARD TIMES. Those boys are the sharpest dressers; and the friendliest bunch of boys you’d ever want to meet. Did you notice LEE’s rings in the color picture up up front? He has several and they’re all true antiques. He told me they have been passed down through his family for over 200 years.

When I stopped by Screen Gems Studios to see THE MONKEES, I really got the word from their director, JIM FRAWLEY. “Where’s my picture in TiGER BEAT?” he asked, looking over the latest issue. He was only joking, but I wasn’t. “I’ll put it in!” I said, and there it is.

I was talking with CHAD AND JEREMY a few days ago and they told me about the days when they first came to Hollywood. CHAD said, “The DEAN MARTINS put us up when we first got here. They were really great to us. I can remember when DINO couldn’t even play guitar and he’d sit around as we’d practice and ask questions.

“Then we had our second hit record and fans started coming around, so we had to leave. Not long after that things started happening with DINO, DESI AND BILLY and the MARTINS haven’t had much peace since.”

NEW ON THE SCENE: THE NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAND sounds great on Liberty Records. It’s a fact that they buy most of their groovy pinstriped, double-breasted stage suits at a local thrift shop . . . LEE MALLORY, whose first record was “That’s The Way It’s Gonna Be,” is very handsome and is crazy about astrology. He wears an intriguing antique key given him by a friend who bought it in Mexico . . . THE KNACK, Capitol Records’ new group is a musn’t [sic] miss on this label. They’re fresh and exciting.

SHORTIES: DINO will make his straight dramatic debut in the film, “Rough Night at Jerico.” He plays a boy who volunteers to join a group of citizens attempting to overrule the rough town boss, played by Dino’s father, DEAN MARTIN.

THE HOLLIES made a work-filled two day stopover in Hollywood not long ago. While here they all stayed at CASS ELLIOT’s house, which used to belong to NATALIE WOOD.

DIANA ROSS of the SUPREMES is reportedly going to marry BERRY GORDY, the President of Motown records. Everyone’s wondering if this means she’ll retire from the group. Certainly hope not.

JOHN LENNON says that THE BEATLES will not tour America next summer. They can make more money just by starring on a special TV show.

PAUL MCCARTNEY is writing the musical score for Hayley Mills film, “Wedlock Or All In Good Time.” This will be PAUL’s initial writing chore without JOHN LENNON. Wonder what RINGO and GEORGE will do as solos?

It’s fabulous to have HERMAN back in the U.S.A. for Christmas and New Years. Hope all of you get to see one of his in-person shows.

KEITH RICHARD and MICK JAGGER fly in and out of Hollywood so often that even their best friends are suspecting that they both will buy homes here. We love having them, no matter how short their visits may be.

An unqualified report has RINGO STARR being sued for a quarter of a million dollars by a man who alleges that RINGO bashed him on the head with a haymaker after the man tried to pull out RINGO’s hair.

What could make CHER exchange her pants suit for a dress? An audience with POPE PAUL IV in Rome. During their last European tour, SONNY AND CHER, both Catholics, were given a private audience with the POPE. SONNY said, “It surprised a lot of people who don’t think pop stars are religious. We’ve never made a big deal out of our faith—it’s not something you should make a big deal about.”

BRIAN JONES had his beautiful Rolls Royce hauled away by the police recently in London. They towed it away because it was double-parked.

THE STONES’ movie, “Only Lovers Left Alive,” will have no leading ladies in it that have ever been on the screen before. THE STONES feel that an established actress would spoil the realism of the film for fans.

THE WALKER BROTHERS, still popular in England, refuse to do a United States tour. We’d like to get a look at them.

P.J. PROBY, still trying to obtain a divorce from his wife, is having no luck. Maybe things will go better for him next year both in his career and personal life.

MIKE NESMITH of the MONKEES, still wants to keep his personal life private. That means no photos of his wife and baby.

JANE ASHER’S film and stage career is what’s holding up the wedding. JANE’s a fine actress and wants the time to prove it. PAUL couldn’t be more understanding.

Magazine: Tiger Beat
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 2
Issue: 5
Publisher: New Asbury Ltd. Publishing Co.
Pages: 66–67