By Laudy Powell

The never-before-told stories about your favorites from the gal who PERSONALLY knows them all!…

I made a trek down to Anaheim’s Melodyland Theater not long ago to see Chad and Jeremy’s “new concept” in entertainment and it was more than worth the drive!

They told me of their plans to unleash something “more than just a duo standing on stage singing a string of hits,” and the end result of their planning was sheer delight!

Chad and Jeremy not only performed, but served as masters of ceremonies throughout the entire show. Ian Whitcomb brought his own combination of comedy and music to the round stage and pleased the nearly sold-out house. The Buffalo Springfield filled the bill nicely and got a tremendous reception.

Chad and Jeremy reigned over the proceedings, though, accompanied by trombones, trumpets, flutes and violins in an informal yet very polished hour presentation.

Most amusing was their impression of the different ways “Summer Song” could be sung—as a Chad and Jeremy hit, as a Las Vegas nightclub tune and as a Fresca commercial, complete with the snowflakes! They also did a hilarious take-off on the teenage tragedy records, their version called “Teenage Cremation.”

The combination of warmth, humor and the realization of the duo’s real talent certainly substantiated their claim of a “new concept.” The nicest thing of all was the young audience showed its appreciation by actually listening, saving their screams and applause for the end of each number.

Thank you, Chad and Jeremy.

The Yardbirds payed [sic] a one-day visit to Los Angeles recently and I didn’t waste a minute getting to their reception to say “hello.”

I was disappointed to find that Jeff Beck wasn’t there because he had just had his tonsils removed and was recouperating [sic] at a Los Angeles hospital. His whereabouts were kept so secret that even the other Yardbirds didn’t know where he was staying.

This was my first chance to meet the newest Yardbird, Jimmy Page, who replaced Paul Samwell-Smith as rhythm guitarist. I became so fascinated with Jimmy’s 75-year-old double-breasted pea jacket that all we talked about was clothes.

“I’ve really gone mad on Indian clothes, because we don’t have anything like them in England,” he told me. “I went shopping in Santa Monica earlier today and bought some great beads and moccasins.” His gear really was a sight, but I luved it, along with his extra-long, extra-groovy side burns.

Keith Relf and I chatted for a while and he told me that he and his wife were living just outside of London in a beautiful new home. He also mentioned how hard it was going on tour now. Quite so, with such a beautiful wife thousands of miles away.

It was back to the bobcat for Sonny. When he and Cher arrived in London for their two charity concerts there, he was wearing his old favorite—that famous bobcat vest that’s been hanging in the closet for many months.

Cher was sporting gold hoop earrings that almost touched her shoulders and a big grin. “I love England,” she said. “Sonny hopes to do some recording here and I’d love to, too!” Also in her “England” wardrobe was an Indian suit like John Sebastian’s. When Cher saw John’s picture in Tiger Beat she loved his suit so much she had her dressmaker, Sadie, copy it in time for the trip to England.

The Byrds have been insured for one million dollars with Lloyds of London, the famous insurance company, against their non-return from outer space.

The precaution was taken against the lyrics of “Mr. Spaceman” which is an open invitation to the crews of unidentified flying objects to remove Jim, David, Chris and Mike from the earth and it’s [sic] trials and pressures.

When the group played at the Whiskey a Go Go several weeks ago, David Crosby came down with a very bad sore throat, so for five nights Gene Clark filled in on the vocals for the group. One rumor says he’s back with the group, another says he’s not. When the Byrds decide, I’ll let you know.

My award for the “Best Dressed Musician” goes to Jim Guercio, Chad and Jeremy’s groovy bass player. I have yet to see him in the same outfit and all his clothes are the greatest!

The birthday party for Joey Robb was quite a scene. The Robb “family” combined a photo session, a fan club meeting and Joe’s birthday party for an insane afternoon at the Robb household in Hollywood.

Joey’s favorite birthday present was a huge water pistol with which he terrorized the entire gathering. To top off the afternoon, his relatives—namely Dee, Craig and Bruce tossed him into the pool! Happy birthday, Joe.

On the “Last Train to Clarksville,” a KHJ radio promotional trip for 400 lucky contest winners with the Monkees, Peter, Davy, Michael and Mickey [sic] were so excited they could hardly stand it. While signing autographs, they were more thrilled than the youngsters.

Earlier in the day, the teenagers got their first glimpse of the Monkees as they descended into ClarksVille (a beach city officially named Clarksville for five hours) by helicopter. Mickey [sic] said he loved it, but Davy was scared stiff!

In answer to your letters, C.L. of Worth, Illinois asked, “Is it true that David McCallum is really getting a divorce. I must know the truth! Help” I’m afraid so. He and wife Jill are in the process of getting a divorce and now David is dating others, though there’s no steady girl.

A Raider fan was confused about Harpo’s age, because she found some conflicting statistics. Jim’s pencil must have slipped when he filled out our questionnaire. His real birthdate is March 13, 1945, which makes him 21 and his real name is Jim George Valley.

Hope that straightens things out. If you have any more questions about your favorites, just write me c/o Tiger Beat.

Gotta go now, keep those letters coming, I luv to hear from you!

Magazine: Tiger Beat
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 2
Issue: 4
Publisher: New Asbury Ltd. Publishing Co.
Pages: 66–67