“No Time (second version - tracking session composite)”

Micky: We don’t have to do this so fast.
Peter: [???]
Davy?: [???]
?: Chip? What is this “No Time”?
Chip: Yeah, “No Time”.
?: Alright, “No Time”, uh, remake, take one A.
Davy: I start out, and then you go bum.
Peter: Yeah, right. Just do a regular count like one, two, on the tambourine. One, two, three, four, bop. Right?

[short instrumental excerpt from “No Time”]

?: [???] in there.
?: Thunk.
Micky: Because the vocal there. There’s vocal there.
?: [???] should be starting right there. Here we go.
[plays tambourine]
?: A little faster, a little faster.
Peter: Dum. Dum-dum chigga dugga-dugga-dum.
?: Oh god.
Mike: Keep those straight.
Peter: Dum. Dum-dum chigga. Daba-daba-daba-daba.
Mike: [???] you’d be surprised how good that will work.
Peter: Dum.
?: He does too.
?: Davy, turn that mic around; you’re facing the back of it.
Micky: Straights? I shouldn’t be doing backbeats?
Mike: Eh, ye—yeah, you can do ’em, but what I’m talkin’ about is…
?: Yeah, that’s it.
Mike: …straights.
Micky: Yeah?
Mike: So that if you hit higher—
Micky: Oh, this hand.
Mike: —you can go tap mm tap mm tap mm tap…
Peter: David? Daba-daba-daba-daba-daba-daba-daba-daba-daba-daba…
?: [???]
Micky: Okay, let’s go. We go to a [???].
?: Ten A, right?
Davy: I just wanna just go straight. Let me do it.
Peter: [???] Do it.
Davy: One, two…
?: Rolling, Hank?
?: Three A.
Davy: A-one, two, a-one two three.

[short instrumental excerpt from “No Time”]

Micky: What’s the matter with it now?
?: Somebody fucked up.
Davy: That sounded good?
Peter: That one sounded bitchin’!
?: Yeah!
?: Again.
Peter: Nobody f—
?: Fuck me with a blindfold.
?: I thought Mike fucked up and forgot to do…
Davy: A-one, a-two, a-one two three.

[instrumental excerpt from “No Time”]

?: What’s the idea…?
?: There’s no breaks after the uh, piano solo. There’s a couple of little rough spots, but uh, generally, it started out…

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