“No Time (first version - tracking session composite takes 3 to 5)”

Micky: Mike?
Mike: Yeah?
Micky: Are you gonna slow down a bit, and we’ll speed it up?
Mike: Sure.
Micky: How ’bout like this? Ba-da-da da-da-da-da, da-da-da.
?: ’Bout this?
Micky?: That’s, you know, in a minute. Keep going.
?: [???] hear something?
Micky: {I gotta get two plastic tips wriggles why they heavy sticks}.
?: Mike? Uh, you, you wouldn’t be adverse to trying Jerry’s guitar on this, would you? There’s an awful lot of highs in that twelve-string instead of ball.
?: That’s a little better.
Micky: Cha rank yank, chanky rank, chanky ranky, chanky ranky…
?: It’s the crack of the low strings that I like. Or perhaps Keith can give us that uh, that low crack, you know that ja-ja-ja-ja, ja-ja-ja-ja, the old surf thing on the lows.
Peter?: Come off the button!
[riff from “Day Tripper”]
?: A lot of highs, high notes on the piano, Peter. The more the better. Freak out.
Mike: One, two, one two three four.
[instrumental from “No Time”]

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