33 ⅓ Revolutions Per Monkee Quotes

Micky Dolenz Commentary

Play Micky: And this is really, really strange, folks.

Play Micky: I don’t know where he got that Hammond Organ or who painted it, but they should be shot.

Play Micky: Any of you out there can figure out what this is all about, you let me know, okay?

Play Micky: Oh, I get it, a monkey, ha ha ha.

Play Micky: Boy, do I look ripped! Ha ha ha ha… ha ha ha.

Play Micky: I don’t know, is it just me, or is this really boring?

Play Micky: A ha ha ha! What was I thinkin’?

Play Micky: Now, this must be Peter’s fantasy, because it’s really weird—Yes, there he is, Maharishi Peter Torkonanda.

Play Micky: I think they might have released that on some un-re-releasable, re-recordable Rhino releaseables.

Play Micky: What a coinkydink that is, huh? Hm hm.

Play Micky: Boy, is this weird. Somebody must’ve really been stoned.

Play Micky: Now that you’ve seen this, you may understand why they showed it against the Academy Awards.

Play Micky: As I’m watching this, I’m trying to remember some of it and… I’m having a problem. Heh heh. Maybe I blocked it out of my memory.

Play Clive Thacker: I don’t believe it.
Micky: I don’t either.

Play Micky: Well, this is getting psychedelic.

Play Micky: I’m not sure this is still “Listen to the Band”, but if it is, it’s the longest version of “Listen to the Band”.

Play Micky: This reminds me of a lot of the parties I used to have… Actually, my parties were a little stranger.

Play Micky: Boy, was that weird.