“Goldilocks Sometime”

Smiling a painted smile, for a while
Raggedy Ann and I walk along
Under the painted sky, funny how time is flying

Alice In Wonderland
Would you mind if I just hold your hand for a while?
Maybe you’ll understand when I say

Hello Cinderella
I believe they’re playing our song
It certainly has been lovely
But I’ve got to be getting along

So Goldilocks for a while
Would you mind smiling your perfect smile?
You and I walking a painted road
Going where time won’t follow

Yes, Little Red Riding Hood
Isn’t it perfectly understood
When I say, “Living a storybook
Is better than waiting for tomorrow”?

Brian: Hmm. Interesting fantasies they have. Fixation, withdrawal, schizophenia, regression.


Brian: Hmm. Very well, send them back to the tubes. We shall continue the brainwash! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaa! Ha ha, ha ha ha ha, ho ho ho ho!

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