Tack Piano Songs (9 songs)

“Come on In”The MonkeesMissing Links Volume 21990Peter Tork
“D.W. Washburn”The Monkees“D.W. Washburn” / “It’s Nice to Be with You”1968Michel Rubini
“I Can’t Get Her Off My Mind”The MonkeesHeadquarters1967Peter Tork
“I Can’t Get Her Off My Mind (prev. unissued early version)”The MonkeesThe Monkees1966Bobby Hart
“Magnolia Simms”The MonkeesThe Birds, the Bees & The Monkees1968Paul Smith
“P.O. Box 9847”The MonkeesThe Birds, the Bees & The Monkees1968Bobby Hart
“Storybook of You”The MonkeesMissing Links Volume 11988Larry Knechtel
“Through the Looking Glass”The MonkeesInstant Replay1969Bobby Hart
“Through the Looking Glass (prev. unissued alternate version)”The MonkeesMissing Links Volume 31996Michel Rubini