Banjo Songs (23 songs)

“Angels We Have Heard on High”The MonkeesChristmas Party2018Peter Tork
“Banjo Jam (excerpt)”The MonkeesHeadquarters Sessions2000Peter Tork
“Bye Bye Baby Bye Bye”The MonkeesThe Monkees Present1969James Burton
“California Here It Comes”The Monkees33 ⅓ Revolutions Per Monkee1969Peter Tork
“Carlisle Wheeling”The MonkeesMissing Links Volume 11988Peter Tork
“Cripple Creek”The MonkeesHeadquarters Sessions2000Peter Tork
“Don’t Wait for Me”The MonkeesInstant Replay1969Sonny Osborne
“D.W. Washburn”The Monkees“D.W. Washburn” / “It’s Nice to Be with You”1968Henry Diltz
“Good Clean Fun”The MonkeesThe Monkees Present1969Bobby Thompson
“Hollywood”The MonkeesMissing Links Volume 31996Bobby Thompson
“How Insensitive”The MonkeesMissing Links Volume 31996Bobby Thompson
“I Was Born in East Virginia (informal recording vocal)”The MonkeesHeadquarters Sessions2000Peter Tork
“Midnight Train”The MonkeesChanges1970James Burton
“Never Tell a Woman Yes”The MonkeesThe Monkees Present1969Al Casey
“(Propinquity) I’ve Just Begun to Care”The MonkeesMissing Links Volume 31996Sonny Osborne
“Seeger’s Theme”The MonkeesMissing Links Volume 21990Peter Tork
“She Makes Me Laugh”The MonkeesGood Times!2016Peter Tork
“Some of Shelly’s Blues”The MonkeesMissing Links Volume 21990Sonny Osborne
“St. Matthew”The MonkeesMissing Links Volume 21990Bobby Thompson
“St. Matthew (prev. unissued alternate mix)”The MonkeesInstant Replay1969Bobby Thompson
“The Crippled Lion”The MonkeesMissing Links Volume 21990Sonny Osborne
“We’ll Be Back in a Minute”The MonkeesMissing Links Volume 31996Henry Diltz
“You Told Me”The MonkeesHeadquarters1967Peter Tork