You’re Telling Me

Hi! This is Randi Reisfeld, one of 16’s Editorial Directors—and this is the place where you get to tell me whatever’s on your mind! I love to know what you’re thinkin’—and I promise to read each ’n every letter you send. I can’t answer them all—but I’ll try and get to as many as I can right here each month. Send your letters to You’re Telling Me, 16 Magazine, 157 W. 57th Street, New York, N.Y. 10019—thanks!

Richard Dean Anderson facts

Dear Randi,

I’ve noticed that you print very little on Richard Dean Anderson of MacGyver. Could you please print his address. Also, what’s his birthday and how old is he?

Denise Green
Shaw AFB, SC

Dear Denise,

The hunky hero of MacGyver turned 37 this past January 23. The best place to send a letter is: Richard Dean Anderson, c/o MacGyver, Paramount Studios, 5555 Melrose, Hollywood, CA 90038.

Monkee mania—the fever ranges!

Jared Chandler, Marty Ross, Larry Saltis, Dino Kovas

Dear Randi,

Must 16 refer to the original Monkees as ‘the old Monkees?’ In no way are they old, they are sounding as good as ever and they still look great. The Monkees are not just part of the past, they are part of the present and future. You should really call them simply, The Monkees, because as far as I’m concerned, Davy, Micky, Peter and Mike are the only Monkees!

Lara Klein
Eden Prairie, MN

Dear Randi,

I don’t see why people are making such a big deal about the New Monkees. I’m a big fan of the originals and no one can replace Davy, Micky, Peter or Mike, but I don’t see why four new boys can’t get a chance at stardom. If you read some of the interviews with the New Monkees, they say a thousand times over that they’re not trying to take the place of the originals—I’ve read they’re really fans of the originals. You shouldn’t judge these four individuals just because the producers of the original show thought about having a new show. Wait until their songs and TV show comes out—then make a decision. Give the New Monkees a chance. I will never take sides between them and I hope you don’t either.

An Original Monkees Fan,
Sharon Carota
Latrobe, PA

Dear Randi,

We have a complaint. We have been Monkee fans since we were very young. Now the producers want to make a new show and have it be different—why don’t they use girls as the New Monkees? Girls should have equal opportunity! Get with it—after all, this is the ’80s!

Why Not Us?
Royal Oak, MI

Dear Randi,

I see that you and the 16 staff are still Monkee-ing around with the situation of the Monkees, New or Old. Well, I personally think that the old Monkees went out with bell bottoms. Don’t get me wrong—enjoy those old songs and TV shows like everyone else, but I say: Bring On The New Monkees!

Enough Is Enough
Romeo, MI

Meeting Emilio

Dear Randi,

Hi! My name is Kerri Regan and I live in Redding, CA. I am 14 years old. We were out eating dinner at a restaurant (J.D. Bennett’s, here in town) when we saw none other than Emilio Estevez! Believe me, he is even more gorgeous in real life than he is in any magazine! His autograph is pinned on my wall—could you give me some info on him?

Kerri Regan
Redding, CA

Dear Kerri,

As you know, blond, blue-eyed Emilio is the son of actor Martin Sheen, and the older brother of actor Charlie Sheen. Malibu resident Emilio’s 24—his birthday’s May 12. He’s 5'6" tall and loves making movies—he writes, directs, produces and stars in ’em! Emilio’s latest is called Wisdom. Write: Emilio Estevez, c/o Wisdom, 20th Century Fox Films, 10201 W. Pico, Los Angeles, CA 90069.

Noah’s schoolmate

Dear Randi,

I thought some of your readers would like to know that actor Noah Hathaway attends my high school. I see him every day and he’s very friendly. I won’t say what school we go to, because it would not be fair to Noah. I will tell you that he won a dancing award at our homecoming dance and that he performed with his sophomore class in “Hello Day”, welcoming the freshmen. Noah is pretty down to earth.

No Name
Los Angeles, CA

Duran vs. a-ha

Dear Randi,

Help! I enjoy reading the letters in your magazine. I see letters from a-ha fans making fun of Duran Duran and Durannies making fun of a-ha. It’s like that in our school, too.

I have friends who love a-ha, and friends who love Duran. I am always caught in the middle—I love them both! I wish more people felt as I do—they’re both great groups.

Liz M.
E. Greenbush, N.Y.

Michael J. Fox’ specs

Dear Randi,

I am a very supportive fan of Michael J. Fox and there is only one thing I am dying to know. Does Michael J. Fox wear glasses? Please answer my question before I go crazy with curiousness!

Sophie Jauffret
Wanneroo, West Australia

Dear Sophie,

He sure does—Michael wears contact lenses when not in specs.

Thanks for the Astins

Dear Randi,

Thank you for the gorgeous pix and interviews with both Sean and Mack Astin—their pin-ups are on my wall. If they are reading this, I just want to say: Keep Up The Good Work!

Carrie Price
Middlesex, NJ

Comparing address books

Dear Randi,

I just got 16’s All-Star Address & Birthday Guide—I love it, except that I have some questions. I also bought another Address book that has different addresses from 16’s. Your addresses seem more recent, but it is confusing. Which one should I trust? For instance, Brian Bloom is one of my favorite actors and the address you have, c/o As The World Turns, 530 W. 57th Street, New York, N.Y. 10019 is different from the regular CBS address given by the other magazine. Also, is there an address for Ricky Schroder c/o the Ricker Company?

Winnie Hung
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Dear Winnie,

You’re right about one thing—16’s All Star Address & Birthday Guide is more up-to-date than the others! To explain about Brian Bloom: the address 16 gave is the actual studio where Brian comes every day to film As The World Turns. Mail addressed there goes directly to Brian’s dressing room! Wouldn’t you rather your letter went there than to the CBS network’s business office? As for Ricky Schroder, the Ricker company no longer exists and the correct address is (this is the place Ricky collects his mail) Embassy TV, 956 N. Seward St., Los Angeles, CA 90038.

Loves Tommy Howell

Dear Randi,

I saw your February ’87 issue of 16. It was really great—I enjoyed those sexy pictures of C. Thomas Howell at his Soul Man party. Do you know what his next movie will be—and where I can write?

Michelle Zaidi
Gonzales, CA

Dear Michelle,

Sweet Tommy, who turned 20 last December 7, turns up next in the romantic comedy, Tiger’s Tale, which just wrapped in Texas—it’s scheduled for release this summer! Say ‘Hi’ by writing: Tommy Howell, c/o The Light Co., 113. N. Robertson Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048.

Magazine: 16
Editor: Randi Reisfeld, Hedy End
Volume: 28
Issue: 12
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Pages: 80–81