Since it’s likely you’ll be reading this issue of Tiger Beat before Christmas, I want to tell you about something that you’ll want to be at the top of your list to Santa. Simply titled “ROMEO AND JULIET,” Capitol records is putting out a keepsake of the world’s greatest love story. It’s the complete dialogue and music package from the Academy Award-winning film. But the big extra is a 48-page full-color book of scenic highlights from the movie. Many of you probably already have the “highlights” album, but this will make your collection complete.

THE ROLLING STONES rolled into Hollywood in late October and their satanic majesties held court for the press before their November 8th concert at our Forum, kicking off a 14-city tour of the U.S. MICK wore mint green skin-tight pants to the press conference with a black-and-white flowered unbuttoned shirt and a silver and ivory baby elephant tusk around his neck. Details of the press conference were mostly about records, the STONES’ problems about getting into the country and the like. Their answers were a put-on, which gives you an idea the Stones haven’t changed since the last time we saw them.

BOBBY SHERMAN’S “puppy Dopey” isn’t really a puppy anymore. She’s so huge, while BOBBY was playing with her the other day, she jumped at him like all dogs will when they get playful and accidently [sic] caught her paw on his lip. The lip was cut and became swollen. When I saw BOBBY on the set, he was having a hard time talking or even making his lines understood.

PAUL COWSILL finally got his California driver’s license and is he happy! He drove all the kids to school the day after he got it. The COWSILLS attend Hollywood Professional School, which is about a half-hour drive from their home in Santa Monica. Other COWSILL happenings: if you’re a member of their fan club or would like to be, the new address is Cowsill Fan Club, 9255 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, Calif. 90069. It’s groovy being in their fan club, because they send out a little newspaper called the Cowsill Chronical [sic] that’s just full of news.

SUSAN COWSILL has a new love, now that she’s met DAVID JONES, who used to be her love. Now it’s MARK LESTER, who was the star in “Oliver.” They’re both the same age, so watch out when they meet! MARK has lots of exciting things coming up which you won’t want to miss. He filmed a two parter for Disney Studios recently that will be shown on “The Wonderful World of Disney,” and he also did a guest appearance on “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir.”

But what’s even more exciting, MARK has signed with the Krofft brothers (who originated JACK WILD’S “H.R. Pufnstuf” show). When MARK saw the first of JACK’S shows, he told Sid and Marty Krofft “Why don’t you do something like that for me?” So they did! It will be an hour TV Special called “Lidsville,” in which MARK will travel to a magic land where people look like different hats. Guest stars on the Special will be JACK WILD and MICKEY ROONEY!

Oh what an exciting month I’ve had! The very best thing of all was travelling to Phoenix, Arizona where the “Then Came Bronson” show was on location shooting four shows for this season. I spent an entire day with groovy MICHAEL PARKS and next month I’ll begin telling you ALL about him. Believe it or not, he smiles all the time, and I even took some pictures of him smiling and laughing to prove it! He’s really a wonderful guy who cares a great deal about his work; and you can certainly tell every time you tune in Bronson. As I said, the whole scoop on MICHAEL next month!

Flash Flash Flash—Just as we were going to press, we heard the great news that ELVIS PRESLEY will be returning to the stage at the International Hotel in Las Vegas. He will be appearing there from January 26th to February 22nd. How about talking your parents into a trip to Vegas? I can assure you you’ll see one of the greatest and most thrilling shows of your life! Also, be sure not to miss ELVIS and MARY TYLER MOORE in “A Change of Habit,” it’s a fun film and ELVIS wears his hair a darling different way.

In Ireland the bullets were flying and when the London Bobbie saw the young man loading a gun into his sports car close by the Irish Embassy he knew his duty. That’s how BARRY GIBB came to be talking his way out of a tight situation at the charge desk of his local police station at six in the morning! BARRY had an explanation, of course. He was the King of Cucumber and the gun was necessary for a duel with the King of Jelly, who was really his brother, MAURICE.

It was the only morning in three weeks shooting that BARRY was late for the 7 a.m. call on the BEE GEES’ own television special “Cucumber Castle.” BARRY and MAURICE wrote the Special themselves. They have been making crazy home movies since they were children and now they decided to get into it on a full scale. The Special will be seen in the United States, as well as Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Scandinavia, Holland and Austria.

I met BRIDGET HANLEY for lunch recently and for once she didn’t meet me at the restaurant wearing one of her long dresses from the show. Instead, she was dressed as a shocking dance-hall girl! “Candy grew up pretty fast, wouldn’t you say?” was BRIDGET’S hello. The real story is, on the particular episode they were filming, Jeremy and Joshua win a losing saloon and gambling hall. To get rid of it, the Seattle girls pretend to be dance hall girls and try to trick the original owner into winning it back.

Whenever we meet for lunch, I always notice all the heads in the restaurant turn. It’s no wonder, BRIDGET always looks so darling. Anyway, the reason we met for lunch was, we wanted to do an interview about acting. BRIDGET has been getting so much mail from her fans about how to become an actress, that she wanted to work with me and write an article about it. Well, once we got talking we realized there is SO much to tell, that it could never be done in one story. So… starting next month in TiGER BEAT we’ll start a “How To Become An Actress” series written by BRIDGET herself! She’ll be telling you all the do’s and don’t’s and some of the experiences she’s had as an actress. It should be a fascinating, and informative series that you won’t want to miss!

How do you like the looks of MARK LINDSAY’S new beard? MARK was tired of his old look, so when he had some time “off” in Hollywood, he just let it grow and grow. By time “off” I mean he wasn’t touring—he was recording every night at Columbia Studios. MARK is extra-busy because he not only records and produces the RAIDERS’ albums, but he co-wrote several songs and produced FREDDY WELLER’S country album. He’s been a very busy guy. Then, when it was time to leave on the RAIDERS’ first Canadian tour, MARK dug the new look, so he decided to keep it for a while. What do you think?

Magazine: Tiger Beat
Editor: Ann Moses
Volume: 5
Issue: 5
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Company
Pages: 49, 66