The Lo-Down

THE TV-MOVIE BOBBY SHERMAN is working in this summer is now tentatively called The Sky’s The Limit—and you’ll probably see it on your TV set sometime next fall. BOBBY also hopes to complete The Heart-Keeper for 20th this summer. On top of this, BOBBY will be doing weekend concerts all over America starting early in May and running through August. The towns he has booked so far are Pittsburgh, Pa.; Buffalo, N.Y.; Seattle, Washington; Tampa, Fla.; and Springfield, Massachusetts. Keep watching 16 and 16 SPEC for news of his other concerts . . . It’s very unlikely that DAVID SOUL will be drafted, so don’t worry your little head about that anymore . . . Beautiful BRIDGET HANLEY married EGBERT WARNDERINK SWACKHAMER (a Screen Gems director) on April 26 in Hollywood. They honeymooned in New York City.

Hollywood’s “hosts with the mostest” this past month’ turned out to be the YELLOW PAYGES. Guests at the YPs’ swinging whing-of-a-ding party (celebrating their first Uni LP) included the PHYNX, MIKE CLIFFORD, the TURTLES, the GRASS ROOTS, MICHAEL J. JAMES, SAJID and WALTER KOENIG. By the way, thought you’d be interested to know that WALTER directed the play Hotel Paradiso for a Los Angeles theatre company recently . . . Girls—beware of GRASS ROOT-er WARREN ENTNER. He’s got the infamous rep of never dating the same girl twice! But then, who knows maybe you can be the one to break the spell! . . . Look for KEVIN COUGHLIN to star in The Gay Deceivers. This movie should be in release all over America by mid-summer . . . ’Member RICK NELSON? He’s back on the scene as a folk singer (playing to sell-out audiences at Hollywood’s famous Troubador club recently), and he’s working on a TV pilot called Over-The-Hill Gang, co-starring his wife KRIS NELSON and WALTER BRENNAN.

Would you believe it!? WHO-er KEITH MOON and his cute wife KIM actually advertised in a London newspaper that they would pay $15,000 for a royal title! A Spanish family came up with the perfect thing—Prince and Princess. Quoth PRINCE MOON: . . . “being a Royal Highness is fun.” . . . Official statement from the BEE GEE office is that they definitely are not breaking up. However, when ROBIN didn’t make a recent gig in London, MAURICE and BARRY’s beautiful sister LESLEY showed up to fill in for him! . . . CRAIG HUNDLEY is simply amazing. This 15-year-old jazz pianist has cut two World Pacific LPs (Arrival Of A Young Giant and Surprise) and appeared in guest shots in Lancer, Star Trek, The Virginian and The Flying Nun! If you’d like to write to CRAIG, his address is 6333 Woodman Avenue, Suite H, Van Nuys, California 19401 . . . JOHN GARY is well and feeling fine after a scary traffic accident on his motorcycle . . . Hope that by the time you read this, BILL COWSILL has changed his mind about leaving the group and is back on the road with the COWSILL family again . . . SALLY FIELD and her husband STEVE CRAIG expect their first baby sometime this summer . . . So does SPANKY (of the now defunct SPANKY AND OUR GANG). She’s married to CHARLES GALVIN, ex-road manager for the TURTLES . . . Yes, STANLEY LIVINGSTON (of My Three Sons) is married. Eighteen-year-old STANLEY married his steady SANDY in a secret ceremony in Hollywood early this year. STANLEY’S younger brother BARRY was best man.

ROLLING STONE BILL WYMAN has started divorce proceedings against his wife DIANE . . . RINGO, who just finished his co-starring role in The Magic Christian, showed up with his wife MAUREEN at the London premiere of the film Oh What A Lovely War! RINGO announced that the BEATLES will never do another live concert anywhere in the world! At approximately the same time, JOHN LENNON (who was on his honeymoon in Paris) announced that the Beatles indeed would be doing more public concerts—including a few in America soon!! . . . If you saw the BEATLES singing Get Back on The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour, you got a sample of what their two-part TV spec will look like when (and if) it gets booked on a major network in America . . . If you dig the CREAM’s new single Badge, it might interest you to know that the rhythm guitarist (listed in the credits as “Angelo Mysterioso”) is none other than GEORGE HARRISON of the BEATLES! . . . And last but not least, didia know that JOHN LENNON has legally changed his name to JOHN ONO LENNON?! The ceremony—to honor his bride YOKO ONO—was held on the roof of the BEATLES’ Apple Company headquarters in London. . . CHRIS GEORGE will star in a Paramount TV-movie called The Immortal. It will be shown next fall as an ABC-TV Movie Of The Week. You’ll soon be hearing the groovy sound of DENNY DOUGHERTY’s golden voice again, as the MAMAS AND THE PAPAS (minus CASS) are now recording on their very own label—Warlock Records.

MARLO THOMAS of That Girl will be seen in a TV-movie next season called And Jenny Makes Three . . . Speaking of flicks, look for KYLE JOHNSON, the 17-year-old star of Warner’s The Learning Tree, to emerge as one of the hottest and most promising new talents in show business . . . Say “hi” to ROSLYN KIND and then guess who she is. Give up? She’s BARBRA STREISAND’s little sister. Next, say “hi” to CAROLYN FRANKLIN. If you guessed that she’s ARETHA’s little sister, you’re absolutely right! Both ROSLYN and CAROLYN are now singing for RCA Victor Records . . . The groovy SMOTHERS BROTHERS were on hand to give the groovy CHAMBERS BROTHERS their first gold LP—for their Columbia hit The Time Has Come. If you dig the SMOTHERS BROTHERS and would like to see them have their own show, write to the Program Director, ABC-TV, 1330 Sixth Avenue, New York City—or to the Program Director, ABC-TV, Hollywood, California . . . Give a hearty welcome to MORGAN, pictured here with his dad and mom, MARK and MELINDA SLADE. MORGAN is especially proud of his dad’s brand new Tetra Records LP. Mark Slade’s New Hat. Why don’t you pick up on it? . . . MARK LINDSAY’s first Columbia Record single is Hymn From The Grand Terrace written by JIMMY WEBB—the lyrics are on Pages 14–15. KEITH and FREDDY both have singles out too. Now its [sic] up to JOE, JR., and PAUL to come out with a single and the set will be complete. The BEACH BOYS took the RAIDERS along with them on their European tour early in June. The BEACH BOYS and the RAIDERS played concerts in England, France, Switerland, Sweden, Denmark, Czechoslovakia and Germany.

SAJ and DAVY have become the best of friends recently—as both of them hang out in the same billiard parlor on the Strip and love to shoot billiards together till all hours! . . . Take a look at the picture of ELVIS and try to guess when it was taken. Eight years ago, five years ago? Nope, just a couple of months ago and he looks just like he did when he first got started in show-biz! Maybe ELVIS has discovered the secret of eternal youth!! (Hey, man, would you like to share it?!) By the way, look for ELVIS’ latest MGM film The Trouble With Girls in your neighborhood soon . . . And here’s the very last one—didja know that BOB DYLAN is the proud father of three children! Hope you’ve heard his exciting and beautiful new Columbia LP Nashville Skyline. Would like to sign off with one of BOB’s thoughts from that record:

Love is all there is…
Love and only love.
It can’t be denied.
No matter what you think about it
You wouldn’t be able to do without it.
Take a tip from one who’s tried.

  • Bob Dylan, I Threw It All Away (from Nashville Skyline)

Grass Root-er ROB GRILL suffered an electrical shock when his microphone short-circuited because of water on stage during an appearance in San Francisco on May 3rd. ROB was rushed to a hospital in a serious condition. He was released a few days later and sent home to rest and recuperate. We’re glad to hear that ROB is all better now!

Answer to last month’s “riddle of the month”: Michael Cole.

From Elvis In Memphis on RCA Records; Kensington Market’s Aardvark on Warner/Seven Arts; Sly & The Family Stone’s Stand! on Epic.

Johnny Winter on Columbia Records.

Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & The Trinity’s Jools & Brian on Capitol; America The Beautiful (An Account Of Its Disappearance) by Gary McFarland on Skye Records; Presenting Burton Greene (featuring electric harpsichord and Moog synthesizer) on Columbia Records.

Crosby, Stills & Nash on Atlantic. David Crosby, Steve Stills and Graham Nash have united to form Crosby, Stills & Nash. Their first LP together is very good, very original and very vocal. You’ll dig it; Silver Apples (featuring Dan Taylor and Simeon) on Kapp; Last Exit Traffic on United Artists.

Thirty Seven Minutes Of Group Therapy on Philips; Orpheus Joyful on MGM Records; Procol Harum’s A Salty Dog on A&M; The Great American Eagle Tragedy by Earth Opera on Elektra; Warner Bros./Reprises’. Songbook (a double album of 40 tunes, including great ones by the Kinks, Jimi Hendrix and Arlo Guthrie, to name a few); Neil Diamond’s Brother Love’s Travelling Salvation Show on Uni Records; Lotti Golden’s Motor-Cycle on Atlantic; Chicago Transit Authority on Columbia; and The Churls on A&M Records (this group, like the Kensington Market, represent the best in Canadian rock sound).

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Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 11
Issue: 3
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