It’s Telly Time

KEEP YOUR EYES peeled for BEATLE RINGO STARR to show up in NBC-TV’s Laugh-In next season! Laugh-In producer GEORGE SCHLATTER is sending a crew to London to film RINGO on the set of The Magic Christian (RINGO’s second solo movie acting assignment), and the results will be sure to boost Laugh-In’s popularity even more! . . . Speakin’ of Laugh-In, didja know that JUDY CARNE is filming a movie called All The Right Noises (co-starring OLIVIA “JULIET” HUSSEY) in London? Didja know that GOLDIE HAWN is working in a new movie for Columbia called Cactus Flower? . . . ROBERT (It Takes A Thief) WAGNER “steals” the show in his movie role in Universal’s new Winning. Don’t miss it when it reaches your local theatre this summer! . . . LEE MAJORS, one of the stars of ABC’s cancelled The Big Valley series, seems to be a guy with many talents. LEE wrote a song called Teeny Boppin’ Child—and it’s included in a new Capitol LP by KELLY GORDON called Defunked. . . . If you turn on your TV in September and find a football game where Happening is supposed to be don’t panic! MARK, PAUL, KEITH and all the Happening gang will be back as soon as the football season closes in January. Til then you’ll just have to settle for JOE NAMATH! . . . MARSHALL THOMPSON, who used to thrill us all in Daktari, will be back on the tube with a new NBC-TV live-action series called Jungle Tales every Saturday morning. Look for MARSHALL and Jungle Tales starting September 6. . . . Even though Something’s Happened to Dexter, starring KURT RUSSELL and JON PROVOST, is supposed to be shown in two parts in Walt Disney’s Wonderful World Of Color at the end of September—it just might turn up as a full-length movie at your local theatre instead! Keep tuned to Telly Time for the latest word! . . . Have you seen ABC-TV’s What’s It All About, World? star DEAN JONES in Walt Disney’s The Love Bug? DEAN co-stars with a Volkswagen! . . . Look for ex-Rat Patrol leader CHRIS GEORGE in one of ABC-TV’s two-hour Movie Of The Week program next season. The flick is called The Immortal and CHRIS plays a guy who can live forever! (The Immortal might be a series too—time will tell!).

If you happen to see a good-looking guy on a motorcycle in your home town this summer—take a good look, cos it might be MICHAEL PARKS! MICHAEL will be traveling all over the country to film his new MGM series And Then Came Bronson. The series is not about “a guy on a motorbike roaming the country in search of himself”, as most other magazines are misprinting. Bronson knows exactly who he is, what he wants, and how to find it! Don’t miss MICHAEL PARKS in And Then Came Bronson when it roars your way in September on NBC-TV. It’s sure to be a smash! . . . Didja catch the premiere of the new CBS summer series Hee-Haw on June 22? Hee-Haw is filling the space vacated by The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour on Sunday nights with country music galore! Its host is Capitol Records’ country-and-western singer BUCK OWENS. (Hope we see the SMOTHERS BROTHERS on a new network soon—cos they are too funny and say too many things that need saying to be off the tube too long!) . . . ABC-TV’s swingin’ singer TOM JONES will finish off a summer of personal appearances all over the country by filming six of his This Is Tom Jones! shows in Los Angeles. TOM will start filming on August 26. . . . Betcha newcomer PETER RATRAY starts a lot of female pulses pounding when the new ABC series The New People debuts in September! (And PETER is just one of the groovy new young people you’ll find in The New People every week!)

Didja know that Lancer star JAMES STACY plays the flute, makes collages, designs and makes psychedelic light boxes, meditates, and just finished a starring role in a movie (co-starring Raquel Welch) called Flareup?! (Wonder how he finds the time?) Didja know that WAYNE MAUNDER made his TV debut in The Monroes (with KEITH and KEVIN SCHULTZ) in 1966? Didja know that WAYNE’s nickname is “Duke”? Betcha didn’t! . . . Didja catch the MONKEES in The Joey Bishop Show ’way back in April? (If you did—what are you doin’ staying up so late?!) . . . Look for JACK WILD and castles and trees and flowers that talk on a funny and freaky new TV series called H.R. Pufnstuf. JACK will be making you smile and sigh every Saturday morning in September from 10 to 10:30 on NBC!!

Magazine: 16
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 11
Issue: 3
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Page: 31