Telly Time

Looks like a lot of your favorite TV stars are mixin’ their media! MARK SLADE, of NBC’s High Chaparral, is working on his very first LP for Tetragammaton Records. Multi-talented MARK is recording in Nashville. PEGGY LIPTON, a member of ABC’s Mod Squad, made her singing debut on Ode Records with her swinging LP called Peggy Lipton. PEGGY has also released a single—Stoney End (which was written by the great LAURA NYRO!). The BANANA SPLITS, costumed stars of NBC’s The Banana Splits Adventure Hour, released their first single on Decca Records. It’s called Wait Till Tomorrow. Two recent musical entries from the Star Trek crew are in your local record stores too. Don’t miss LEONARD NIMOY’s third LP on Dot Records, The Way I Feel, and WILLIAM SHATNER’s first LP on Decca Records, The Transformed Man. They’re both astral!

One of the many funny people who tickle your ribs each week on NBC’s Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In made his first LP too! Look for HENRY GIBSON’S (he’s the one with the Southern drawl) new Liberty LP—by Henry Gibson. Smother’s Brothers Comedy Hour resident dead-pan, PAT PAULSEN, can be found doing his thing on Rubicon River Records. Look for PAT’s new LP, Politics is A Dirty Business, This Is A Dirty Record. It’s all about his campaign for President. (It’s not at all “dirty,” either—just very, very funny!) Give it a spin—it can give you quite a political education! Twelve-year-old PETER ROBBINS, who plays “Alexander” in CBS’s Blondie series, has a new single on RCA. It’s called If I Knew Then. And be sure to dig the new LP by THE ARCHIES on Calendar Records called The Archies.

CESARE DANOVA, who used to be one of Garrison’s Gorillas, has been busy as a beaver of late. CESARE made a guest appearance in ABC’s That Girl, is considering a starring role in an up ’n’ coming TV series, King Of The Palace—and is working on the new motion picture Che! with OMAR SHARIF and JACK PALANCE! (No wonder when CESARE was a Gorilla they called him “Actor”!)

African adventure fans waved a fond farewell to CBS’s long-running Daktari series. After four seasons of jungle fun, the Daktari gang will take their last “safari” at the end of December. GLEN CAMPBELL just might get a chance to fill their space. GLEN may revive the show he headed this past summer in place of the Smothers Brothers. We hope so. Look for handso ski champion JEAN-CLAUDE KILLY in his own 13-week series for CBS beginning January 5. It’ll show JEAN-CLAUDE skiing at many of the world’s winter resorts. He also has an ABC-TV spec on January 13 at 9 P.M. The Tom Jones Show will be presented on ABC-TV on January 9 as a special. TOM JONES will be back again a month later in a weekly series replacing Judd for the Defense. (Don’t panic, STEPHEN YOUNG luvvers—Judd will be back on another night. It hasn’t been cancelled—just shifted around a little!) MARK LINDSAY and PAUL REVERE will be filling your screen with songs and laughs when Happening returns to its Saturday schedule on ABC. You’ll find the whole Happening gang every Saturday at 1:30 P.M. beginning January 4.

DIDJA KNOW DEPT.: Didja know that ROWAN & MARTIN might take the whole Laugh-In gang to England soon? They’ve been offered a chance to play two performances at the famous Royal Albert Hall in London. Didja know that an English version of the popular ABC series, The Dating Game, is being prepared in England? (Wonder if PAUL MCCARTNEY will be one of the dream dates?) Didja know that ROBERT BROWN of Here Come The Brides was once considered for the role of “Napoleon Solo” in the pilot film of The Man From U.N.C.L.E.?? (Wonder if BOBBY SHERMAN would’ve played “Illya”?) Didja know that DON SCARDINO was one of the finalists considered for a role as a Monkee in The Monkees?? (He couldn’t accept the role because he had a contract to do The Guiding Light, an afternoon “soap opera”). Didja know that 11-year-old DARBY HINTON, who plays “Israel” in NBC’s Daniel Boone, made his acting debut over 10 years ago? (His first TV role was at the tender age of six months—he played MICHAEL RENNIE’s son in a Playhouse 90 drama.) Didja know that six-year-old MARC COPAGE, who plays “Corey” in NBC’s Julia, has to learn his lines by having them read to him? (MARC can play the drums and the piano—but he’s still learning how to read!) Didja know that GEORGE “SULU” TAKEI of NBC’s Star Trek has had a burning ambition to make a musical out of The Teahouse Of The August Moon?? (Do it, George—it sounds like a hit to us!) Didja know that TIGE ANDREWS of ABC’s Mod Squad introduced the song Mack The Knife on the Broadway stage in 1954? Well, now you know!!!

A rousing round of 16 applause for ELVIS PRESLEY’s return to TV. His recent NBC special, Here’s Elvis, just may skyrocket him to the top of the pop heap all over again. He was great!! Hope you caught PETER NOONE’s perky portrayal of the famous long-nosed puppet in NBC’s musical special, Pinocchio. PETER was a real gas—nose and all!

TV Flash-of-the-Month!! Look for the first MONKEE spec on NBC-TV in late March! (It’s already been taped!)

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