Letter from the Editor

Magazine: Monkees Monthly
Editor: Jackie Richmond
Issue: 27
Publisher: Monkees Monthly
Page: 2

Hi there!

Davy rang on March 21st—just before the news broke in the Press—to tell me that they’d had to postpone their forthcoming tour of Europe once again.

He said that the boys were all very sorry, particularly Micky who had been looking forward to seeing a lot more of what he calls “your old-fashioned countryside”.

And Davy, himself was also very put out as he had been looking forward very much to playing an extended tour in his own country for a change instead of far from home.

All the Monkees are still aiming to come over as soon as possible, but they do feel that, as they have just formed a new backing group, it would be wrong to rush headlong into a quick tour before everything had been properly rehearsed.

I know that all of you will be just as disappointed as I am to hear that the Monkees will not be coming over next month. But, just think of the tremendous sounds that they will be able to get in the studio now that they’ve got their own special bunch of expert musicians to call upon whenever they want to.

I’ve just received a copy of the boys’ latest L.P. which has already been released in the States. Believe me, “The Monkees Instant Replay” is really terrific. It’s the sort of album which can be listened to over and over again. There is so much on it that you find something new with every play.

I’m afraid we haven’t got any space in this issue to give you a complete run-down on all the tracks but I’m going to make that number one priority for our May issue.

See you then,


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