Monkees Reveal… “The Things We Hate & The Things We Love”

Davy Jones

I HATE to be kept waiting. In fact, if anyone ever leaves me waiting—well, when they get to where I’m supposed to be, I’m usually gone!

I HATE to be linked romantically with girls I hardly know or with girls who are just friends. It happens all the time and confuses everyone.

I HATE people who make fun of other people’s shortcomings. There is something wrong with each and every one of us, and we should think of that before we poke fun at others.

I HATE to have our soft-ball game stopped. A bunch of us play ball every weekend, and it really bugs me when somebody stops us right in the middle of an exciting moment to ask me to pose for a picture or to write an autograph. They should wait ’til the end of the inning, and then I wouldn’t mind doing anything at all.

I HATE fans who say that they’re sick or seriously ill in order to get a phone call from me. I care deeply not only for my fans but for my fellow human beings, and if I think a little girl is in real need and I can help—I’ll do everything I can. But lately there have been some unprincipled kids who have deliberately “made up” stories about being on their death-beds, etc., to get a call from me. And when I call and find out that they just did it to get to me, it really hurts me. I mean—what is the world coming to when somebody can pull a terrible trick like that? It makes me lose faith in people.

I HATE to see girls have an inferiority complex because they’re too short or too tall, or something like that. My heart really goes out to them. A good rule for us all to practice is to remember that “there is something good in everybody, seek it, then make it grow”. In other words, forget about the negatives and think about the positives—and everything will be all right!

I HATE to see parents put their kids down because they have long hair, dig rock and roll, or belong to the “now” generation. I say that each generation has its own moment and it’s the groovy folks who let their kids live their moment to the fullest.

I HATE disrespectful young people. When I see a kid be rude to an adult (and especially to a much older person) it really makes my blood boil. Right or wrong, we all owe respect to our elders.

I HATE people who exploit the Monkees for money or publicity. For instance, a security guard in one town recently said that we “beat” him up and he sued us for a whole lot of money. What really happened was that Micky was trying to rush into a hotel and the guard didn’t recognize him and refused to let him in. Micky had a choice between being torn apart by overly-enthusiastic fans or pushing his way into the lobby of the hotel. He did the latter. Believe me, that’s all that happened—nobody “beat” anybody up!

I HATE for a girl to “yes” me because she thinks it will make me like her more.

I LOVE animals, but I guess that’s no secret since I have three cats, two dogs, two rabbits and an aquarium—well, practically a zoo at my house!

I LOVE my new haircut. It’s a little shorter and it comes down pointed in front of my ears, like sideburns.

I LOVE to get a suntan and I really think I’m happiest when I’m lying around by my swimming pool, soaking up the sun.

I LOVE birds and I have built an aviary (that’s a kind of big communal outdoor nest) in my backyard. All the friendly neighborhood birds fly there to nest, rest, eat or just goof around.

I LOVE farm animals, and by the time you read this I will probably have gotten myself two sheep!

I LOVE girls who are feminine, but who have an independent streak in them.

I LOVE horses, and recently Basil Foster, an old friend of mine from Manchester, and I bought two yearlings at Middleham. The horses are named Chico-mono (Spanish for “little monkey”) and Pearl Locker, and they are kept at the Newmarket stables, where I used to be an apprentice jockey. (Don’t tell anybody, but every weekend I phone Middleham to see how they are!)

I LOVE my “fans,” whom I prefer to call friends. I had so very much hoped that we Monkees would go on the road this summer, so that I could meet some more of you super 16-ers. Well, maybe soon. Meanwhile, there is still our movie to look forward to.

I LOVE our movie. We finally found a name for it. We’re just gonna call it Head. That’s it, man—just plain Head.

I LOVE clothes so much that I not only have a clothing store on the East Coast, but I’m thinking of opening another clothing store here in Hollywood. There’s a building at Santa Monica and Crescent in which I will probably locate the store, and if I do decide to go ahead with it I hope that Gene Ashman (who designed most of our Monkee gear) will design a special Davy Jones line of clothes just for my store.

I LOVE warm, friendly, sparkly girls.

I LOVE to eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

I LOVE to read letters from you—and if you have time, I’d like for you to drop me a line at Box 1498, Beverly Hills, California.

Peter Tork

I HATE hate. I mean, in the sense that some people mean it. The way I am using it here is just as a strong word to indicate the things that displease me, put me down, drag me and turn me off.

I HATE dependent people. I mean, someone who has no will, drive or goals of their own. People who need others to “support” them, their moods, their very existence.

I HATE girls who come on tough, aggressive, and in a show-offy manner.

I HATE girls who don’t like being girls. You know, the kind who wear slacks all the time and don’t comb their hair or take care of their nails—and like that.

I HATE stupidity. I guess there are some people who can’t help being a little backward, but most people just don’t stay awake! It really turns me off to see people sleep their way through this beautiful life.

I HATE repetitive people. I’ve got good ears and a fairly good mind, and it drags me when someone tells me the same thing twice or several times.

I HATE sloppiness—like people who come to your house and drop things all about and don’t clean up after themselves.

I HATE pushy people, especially those who sort of move in and don’t know when it’s time to quit, split and go home.

I HATE prejudice and violence. Somehow, those two seem to go hand-in-hand. Think of it this way: suppose we lived in a country where everybody was green, and then some orange and purple polka-dotted people came along. Soon we would be saying, “Gee, what funny-looking polka-dotted people!” But because people are basically good in their hearts, each group would want to be friendly with the other. It’s only fear, lies and bad leadership that keeps us all from loving each other and from seeing each other clearly and purely with the eye of the mind and the love of the heart.

I LOVE music in all forms. I especially love to compose. I have written many songs and—who knows?—maybe one day I will make a recording of them just for you.

I LOVE comfortable clothes made of soft fabrics and I have a weakness for handmade American Indian moccasins.

I LOVE conversations full of quick, witty remarks. There is nothing more stimulating to me than engaging in a debate with a well-informed, articulate person.

I LOVE people and I have a particular fondness for children and animals. I have quite a collection of pussycats and puppy dogs (most of them given to me by fans), and they have free run of my new house in an isolated area in Studio City.

I LOVE sauna baths—that’s a kind of “dry heat” room made of pine wood. It’s very relaxing to sit in one for awhile and then to dive into a cold swimming pool. Wow!

I LOVE my fans. By that, I mean all of you young people out there who, with your fantastic energy and devotion, elevated us Monkees from relative obscurity to a position where we’re able to communicate with millions of people—not just to give our music and our acting talent, but to give our innermost thoughts. I hope that somehow I have been able to repay you for all that you have done for me.

I LOVE reading anything I can lay my hands on, but I’m particularly into far eastern philosophy. For instance, did you know that according to an ancient Upanishad “…on the tree of life within us sits two birds. One eats, pecks, scratches and gets on with living in general. The other watches, always silent, always awake, always fully aware—unless you let him fall asleep.” If he falls asleep, the other bird goes on pecking and scratching away without any meaning to his life. If you keep the second bird awake, he guides the first bird to higher and higher levels, so that one day they both become one being—full of bliss, consciousness and wisdom.

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Magazine: 16
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 10
Issue: 7
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Pages: 14–15