Davy’s Diet Secrets

Davy Jones

Can you imagine how Davy Jones would look 20 pounds heavier? Not fat, but even though he’d look maybe only a little plump, he’d look drastically different than he does now and definitely less attractive.

You probably think it’s ridiculous to even think about Davy ever being fat, but the truth is he keeps his body in fine shape by working out with weights every other day and when necessary, dieting. Yes, Davy diets!

Many of you have written in asking how your faves keep in such great shape and our only answer is that they work at it and work hard! For some special tips on dieting, we asked Davy to share his special diet secrets with you:

Dieting is something we all have to do some time and the real secret to a diet that works is to know what’s happening with your body and why. For example, the stomach is a very elastic organ of your body. When you eat a lot it stretches, when you eat only a little it shrinks. You can actually control whether or not your stomach shrinks and when it’s in a smaller state, it requires less food for you to feel satisfied or full. And, naturally, when your body takes in less food, there’s less for the body to “burn up” and in the end, less goes to fat.

Knowing these few simple things, we can think about dieting seriously. The very first thing is to make up your mind you’re going to lose weight. If you’re determined, then you should have no problem losing. Just keep thinking that you enjoy a compliment from a boy more than an extra helping of potatoes or meat, or whatever.

Now you’re ready to start your diet. For the first two days tell yourself you’re determined to lose weight and just eat your regular things, only pay attention to how much you’re eating. On the third day when you sit down to eat at each meal, eat as much as you like and when you’re halfway through the meal say to yourself, “If I wanted to stop, could I stop now?” What happens to most people is that they eat more than they actually need. Even if they feel full they finish everything on their plate. If you can answer the question “yes,” then stop right there!

Do this at each meal and eat only as much as you need to keep going until your next meal. If you feel you have to keep eating after you’re halfway through the meal, go ahead, but cut down a little. For example, you can eat a couple of eggs for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, maybe a lamp [sic] chop or half a steak for dinner. But each day cut down your portions just a little. Before long you’ll just want one egg, and half a sandwich, and so on.

You see, you can eat just about anything you want. By cutting down your intake of food day by day, your stomach shrinks. The reason you feel hungry is because the stomach gets stretched. When your stomach shrinks, you get hungry less and require less food to fill you up.

If you find it’s not working, then you know you have to cut down more. You might try cutting out between meal snacks, and if you do get too hungry between meals, limit yourself to carrots and celery for snacks. To keep healthy, eat foods that are high in protein and vitamins.

If you want to speed up your diet, start doing exercises every morning. If you do them in gym at school, that’s great. By exercising, your body “burns up” more fat than usual and keeps your muscles firm. Many people are not really overweight, they’re just flabby. In a case like that, dieting will do very little, but exercise will do wonders!

I hope some of these suggestions will be a help to you. I know there are millions of different diets, but I really like this one because no one even has to know you’re on a diet. You can eat out with friends and they’ll never even notice. What will happen, though, is that they’ll notice a beautiful change in you in a very short time. And that’s a groove!

Magazine: Tiger Beat
Editor: Ann Moses
Volume: 4
Issue: 3
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Company
Page: 20