A Fan Pleads “Forgive Me Davy”

When Tiger Beat first printed a letter from Georgia Palmer saying that she felt Davy hurt his fans by being photographed with his girlfriends, there was a tremendous reaction. We at Tiger Beat felt it necessary to give our opinion on whether or not Davy hurt his fans.

The story “Tiger Beat Says Davy DOESN’T Hurt His Fans” appeared in the August issue along with Davy’s personal reply and views on the subject. Just days after Tiger Beat went on sale I received this letter which I feel must be shared:

Ann Moses, Editor

Dear Ann,

First of all, let me say that this is the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life. If my writing is unclear, forgive me, because I just can’t stop my fingers from shaking. Until now buying Tiger Beat each month was a special treat. I couldn’t wait to read and re-read all the groovy and factual articles on my faves—Davy Jones in particular. But this month was different. When I opened the first page I could hardly believe my eyes—there was the letter I had written and Davy’s letter in reply. When I read it I just broke down and cried.

I want you and Davy to know I’m sorry for the awful things I said in the letter that I wrote about Davy hurting his fans. Even now the word “sorry” is not enough to express the hurt I feel inside for what I’ve done. Let me tell you why I wrote the letter.

You see, the first time I saw “The Monkees” on TV, there was one that was really special, and of course it was Davy. I didn’t miss one Monkee show, I bought all their records and all I could talk about was the small one with the baby face. The more shows I watched, the fonder I grew of Davy. Yes, I was only fond of him then. But only for what seemed like a moment.

One night I spent the night with my girlfriend and all she talked about was Davy and all I talked about was the boy I was going with. The next night I had a dream about Davy. I dreamed we were engaged even though I am six years younger than he. You see, when I dream, I dream for really big things.

Anyway, after the dream I was in love with Davy, and I mean really gone. In my eyes he was suddenly the most wonderful person on the earth. You probably think I couldn’t love anybody by the way I sounded in that awful letter, but I was so in love with Davy that I broke up with my steady boyfriend!

Everything was going great until I saw a picture of Davy with Sally Field. He had his arms around her, and the way he was looking at her just tore my heart to pieces. I’ve been told that the emotion of love is very close to the emotion of hate and when I saw that picture something just seemed to snap inside me. I had to get even!

That night I wrote a letter that would really, really hurt Davy if he saw it. I thought how could Davy even dare let a picture like that be printed, and I never really understood his view until I read his personal reply. I was being selfish and I didn’t even think about all the wonderful things he’s done for his fans or all the joy he had brought into my life. I realize it now, but now is too late.

So now you know why I wrote that rotten letter. There is one thing I’d like to be cleared up with Davy. He must understand when I wrote the letter I never, never in any way, meant for him to quit dating. I just wanted him to cut down on those romantic pictures for his fans’ sake. Now I don’t even care about that. I have been shown that you can only be happy when the person you love is truly happy. All I want now is for Davy to be happy and I hope he finds the girl of his dream soon, so he will have all the love he deserves.


Georgia Palmer

Magazine: Tiger Beat
Editor: Ann Moses
Volume: 4
Issue: 3
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Company
Page: 51