Monkee Talk

Mike Nesmith, Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones, Peter Tork

A Tiger Beat Monthly Column

The Monkees write to YOU… by Davy, Peter, Mike and Micky

Mike Nesmith

Do you ever get tired of me talking to you about music? If you do, please write and let me know because I think I like talking about this subject more than anything else I can think of.

I just got back from Nashville, Tennessee where I finished recording six sides of what you’d probably call country-rock. It isn’t Monkee music, but I think you’ll like it just the same. Recording in Nashville is a great experience and the people there set more trends in music than anywhere else in the world as far as I know.

One thing I want to do very badly is record different songs in different parts of the country. You know it gives you a funny feeling to listen to something recorded in Nashville and be sure that it’s very opposite from something done in Hollywood. The reason for this is the people mainly, not the recording equipment.

If you’ve ever come out to Hollywood for a summer vacation you probably noticed how different the people are there in comparison to somewhere else say like Chicago. This shows up in their music, as well as the way they dress and act.

In my opinion, everyone ought to record some records in Nashville. I hope you like mine.

On the home front Jonathan Darby is growing fast and keeps Phyllis busy most of the day. Christian hasn’t shown any signs of jealousy over the baby yet and I don’t think he’s going to. It’s really fun for him having a baby around.

Try to hold some time out for us this summer because we’re definitely coming your way on a concert tour. And if we’re in your home town I hope we can meet personally.

Have fun this summer.

Mike Nesmith

Peter Tork

Do you wear love beads? Or how about buttons? Maybe you make the Peace sign wherever you go. These things are all very groovy and part of the newness that’s spreading over the world. I can always tell whether I want to read a fan letter or not just by turning it over and seeing what the writer has put on the back of the envelope. If she’s in tune, there’s something clever written there.

Personally, I believe all these things are good. They make life more interesting and fun and at the same time give us unusual ways of communicating with each other.

I’ve always liked gadgets though I’m not a collector of things just for the sake of collecting. You couldn’t begin to count the love beads I’ve received from fans and I appreciate each and every strand.

When I was a kid we always used to get a kick out of trading things. Remember trading marbles, or toy cars, or model airplanes. Girls, I guess, sometimes exchanged hair ribbons just for kicks. There’s something about what other people have that sometimes. looks better than what you have already… especially if you’ve got lots of that certain item. Then, too, there’s something about trading that makes the item you wind up with have special significance.

For the rest of this column I thought I’d answer some of the questions you’ve written me.

  1. Do you lighten your hair to make it that color?

No. But my hair does turn a lighter color in the summer when I do a lot of swimming.

  1. If you could become a Monkee all over again, would you do it?

Of course. I would, however, not make a few mistakes I did the first time around.

  1. What is your favorite hour of the day?

The one I’m enjoying at the present moment.

  1. Is the dimple in your cheek real or is it makeup?

Thank you for saying it’s a dimple. Actually it’s just a sort of big cleft.

Peter Tork

Micky Dolenz

Maybe this will surprise you, but this month I’m going to talk about love. Not about my love for Sam, you’ve already read enough about that, but about love in general.

Some people have called me a hippie. If they think being a hippie means being against war and favoring love, then I guess I am a hippie. I like flowers but you couldn’t call me a flower child. I just dig peaceful movements and we’re in one right this minute all over the world.

The first time I felt love was when I was very little. My family was full of love for one another and I think this gave me a freedom that some don’t have, because loving people and things has always been very easy for me. This is because love has to be given and felt before it can be understood.

The next time I met a new kind of love was when I did the TV show, “Circus Boy.” You can’t believe what it was like to have so many friends on one set. They were all pulling for me because I was little. It was really an experience and I knew then that this love was necessary to succeed in the world. This same feeling happened again to all of us on the Monkee show set while we were filming. If there’s one thing that makes me sad about not filming the show anymore, it’s this feeling of fun and love that I’ll be missing.

Of course growing up brought girls onto the scene and here is where most of love seems to go. There have been many girls who’ve made my heart beat a little faster over the years. I’m sure you’ve had this same experience, too. Most of the time older people refer to it as puppy love, but we know differently. It’s a special kind of love that only you can understand way down deep inside.

I guess the most unusual kind of love that I’ve felt over the years is the kind of love you’ve given all of us through your friendship and understanding and interest. The gifts you send me and the letters you write me can only be inspired by a certain feeling within you that must be love. Anyway, it’s wonderful, whatever it is.

I hope over the years that you’ll always remember how you felt, just like I will. This can be that special love that we shared together.

Micky Dolenz

Davy Jones

There have been so many rumors about what’s going to happen to us now, I thought it was my duty to tell you all truthfully what’s going on.

So many of you ask first if we’re breaking up. The answer to this is NO. We aren’t breaking up. Right while I’m writing this, in the next room they’re setting up summer concert dates for us around the country. I wish I knew right now where we will be, but I hope I can see you in person and talk to you this summer…

About our TV Specials for next year, there will be three. The first one is going to be sort of a variety hour. Each of us is sort of in charge of part of it and the end will result in what we hope will be a very groovy happening.

It is true that Mike, Peter, Micky and I don’t agree on everything. This is natural for four people who have different goals in show business. But most of the time we get on very well. The things we argue about most are what type of songs we’re going to sing and what kind of act we’re going to put on. This is really all there is to it. Personally, I think things work out in the end much better if there is disagreement between people. Then, finally, you can arrive at the best solution and everybody benefits.

As for me, I know you’ve probably read a lot about how I’m changing or that I’m getting a chip on my shoulder, but I hope you won’t believe any of this. The truth is that I have been really tired. After more than two years of almost steady work, I think my motor just ran down a bit. You know how it is when you just get involved with so many things that you seem to spin like a top.

This happened to me and about a month ago, just like a top, I stopped spinning. I went home to England for a short time and rested. I got my bearings and now everything looks great again. We all have to stop sometimes just to see what we’re doing here and now I think I know again.

One thing is always for sure. The way I feel about you hasn’t changed and never will. You’re the reason the Monkees exist and that’s the most important thing as far as I’m concerned.

See you this summer.

David Jones

Magazine: Tiger Beat
Editor: Ann Moses
Volume: 3
Issue: 13
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Company
Pages: 10–11