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Screen Gems report that the Monkees will start a big series of tours commencing September 13th.

Although the original plan was to tour Europe before the Far East, the venues have now been switched and the Monkees will first play two weeks in Australia and New Zealand. This will be followed by a further two weeks tour in Japan. And, finally, on the return half of their first Far Eastern tour, they will play the Philippines and Hawaii. The [sic] expect to be there for 1 to 2 weeks which means that the whole tour will last approximately 5 to 6 weeks.

The European tour, which will take in the British Isles, cannot now take place until late ’68 or early ’69.

Davy recently recorded a song called “You and I”. It’s a very good number which was written by Davy and Bill Chadwick, who you may remember from previous Monkees Monthlys as one of the boys’ stand-ins. Bill also wrote “Zor and Zam” on the Monkees’ current L.P.

The boys are due to go into the studios to record two of their hour-long television specials for NBC when they return from their Far Eastern tour at the end of October. The exact format of the shows has not been settled yet, but the Monkees do hope to have several of their favourite artists as guests on the shows. There is also a possibility that the specials may be directed by the Monkees themselves instead of one of the normal big television boys.

Micky and Sammy have spent most of their honeymoon completely re-decorating Micky’s house. Micky has spent tens of thousands of dollars changing the house to suit his very exacting requirements and, having finally got everything in the right place, he is now trying to cover it with the right colours. The living-room, as you might expect, is now rather English in design with print flower drapes and sofa.

The Monkees may have a new single release in September. Originally, “Daddy’s Song” and the “Porpoise Song” were due to be released as the Monkees’ new American single, but the release was changed when Screen Gems found out that Harry Nelson (Nilsson), who wrote “Daddy’s Song”, had released it on an album of his own. (They will also shortly be releasing an L.P. from their film.)

Peter Tork tries to visit his family in Connecticut as frequently as possible. He flew there to spend a week-end with them from August 10th to 12th. “There’s nothing like a bit of good home cooking after all the horrible food I get to eat in Hollywood,” he told us.

The Monkees went into the RCA studios in Hollywood on Friday, August 2nd, to record an hour-long jingle (Possibly “Ditty Diego”) especially for their film. It was described by those who have heard it as being a take-off on all the people who have knocked the Monkees over the past two years saying that they were: “Ignorant”; “Plastic pop stars”; “Never-going-to-make-it”; etc.

Incidentally, the latest title being bandied around Hollywood for the boys’ film is, “Head”.

Magazine: Monkees Monthly
Editor: Jackie Richmond
Issue: 20
Publisher: Monkees Monthly
Page: 25