Letter from the Editor

Hi there!

I’ve got some great pics for you this month including some fabulous exclusive shots of Micky and Sammy’s wedding. And the phone call this month is also from Micky, who tells you about the great day!

Davy rang up a few days ago to tell me that everything now looks settled for their world tour. The end of September or the beginning of October is the takeoff time and he told me that all the boys are busy working out songs and special bits for the different performances in each country. They’re all very sorry that this country isn’t going to be the be the first stop—but “We’re coming back as soon as possible” he promised.

Many Monkee fans have told me that they can’t understand why “D.W. Washburn” did not roar right up to the top of the charts. I think anyone who admires the Monkees as much as we do wants every disc to sell a million but, it’s a bit more complicated than that, and I have tried to give you the facts behind their recent singles in a special article this month. I hope it will answer most of your questions. Incidentally, we mustn’t forget that every Monkee’s release DOES sell a million on a world wide basis.

See you next month when I’ll be giving you details of a great, new Monkees Competition!


  • Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones
    Info Above: Micky and Davy are very close these days. Here’s a shot of them joking together which was taken while they were making their movie.
  • Phyllis Barbour Nesmith, Mike Nesmith
    Info [Above]: Mike Nesmith takes a back seat for once and lets his wife, Phyllis, step into the limelight.
  • Micky Dolenz
    Info Above: Micky sits in the driving seat of his favourite Mercedes sports car.
  • Davy Jones
    Info [Above]: Davy leaning on the side of his favourite car, a snazzy Honda.

Magazine: Monkees Monthly
Editor: Jackie Richmond
Issue: 20
Publisher: Monkees Monthly
Pages: 2, 9, 15