Monkee Reflections—Davy: “A Public Person”

  • Davy Jones
  • Davy Jones

Everyone’s first impression of Davy Jones is usually “My, but he is little, isn’t he?” This impression is usually followed quickly with the revelation that he is English and very polite in that charming British manner.

And so when the Monkees first came to light, the public knew Davy Jones as a small, polite, young Englishman. But over the many months much more of Davy has become apparent.

For one thing he is a very open young man. Unlike Mike, who is a very private person, Davy is very open and direct. Davy doesn’t put people on or down, and it is very easy to get to know him well. He’s fairly uncomplicated and extremely easy to like.

Davy has probably changed the least of the four. He is, and has been for some time, a professional entertainer. He didn’t have to adjust from a private life to a public one for he was already used to being in the public eye and it didn’t hang him up in the least.

Davy Jones

There are very few things that Davy dislikes and a list of the things he likes might include just about everything that happens to cross his mind.

When meeting people for the first time Davy has the advantage of those delightful British manners, which are taught so young they almost seem inborn. He doesn’t have to stop and think about whether he should stand or shake hands or whatever—he just sort of knows instinctively what is proper.

Davy Jones, human being, is probably much closer to Davy Jones, Monkee, than any of the other three are to their public images. There is little separation between the Davy on TV and the “real” Davy. He is complete and total in himself—like a once rough stone that’s had all the edges smoothed down and is near perfect.

Of course he has flaws, but they are only human ones. He is capable of anger, apathy, even selfishnes, but that is only proof that he is human, proof that here is more to him than the searching little boy who sang “I Want To Be Free.”

This is Davy Jones today, as always,—small, polite, British, open, direct, honest, human, and above all a total professional entertainer.

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