Davy Asks: “Are You on My Secret Love List?”

Davy Jones

David Jones has a little black book that he takes with him everywhere he goes! In this little book are the names and the phone numbers of girls Davy met and liked during his travels over the past several years. Some of the girls Davy took a fancy to—and included in his secret book—were tall, some were short; some were pretty and some were not-so-pretty. Outwardly, each girl seemed to be very different from the others—and all seemed to have nothing in common. But inside, the girls who attracted Davy were all very much alike. Inside, each and every girl who found her way into Davy’s secret little black book had all of the qualities that appeal to Davy—the qualities that turned him on and induced him to ask, “What is your name? What is your phone number? May I call you some time—and take you out on a date?”

Do you have the qualities Davy prizes in a girl? Deep inside, do you possess the things that appeal to him, that turn him on—that would make him ask you for your name and phone number and induce him to write them down in his secret book? Read the following list of things Davy really looks for in a girl and see how many of them are qualities you have. Who knows? You might just be one of the very lucky ones who have everything to make Davy say, “May I call you some time—and take you out on a date?”

Are you independent? Davy is attracted to girls who are distinct individuals, who have a mind of their own and who go their own way. He turns away from “agreeable” girls who are sugar-sweet and ready to fall in with every suggestion. He likes strong, sure girls who are right on top of everything.

Are you sophisticated? Are you aware of all that’s going on and are you in the vanguard of young people eager to try new ideas, new trends, new modes and manners? Davy enjoys girls who have a zest for life and want to live it to the full.

Are you interesting? The girls who appeal to Davy have an avid curiosity about everything, a desire to know as much as they can possibly store away in their minds. As a result, they have intriguing, imaginative comments and opinions on what’s happening.

Are you a raver? Do you enjoy kicking up your heels and letting go—laughing, swinging, getting with it? That’s the kind of girl Davy likes.

Can you cook? Davy appreciates good food properly prepared; he especially enjoys home-cooked meals.

Are you a theatre-goer? Do you enjoy going to Broadway musical shows—or listening to “show music” on records, if New York’s Broadway is much too far away for you to get to? Davy spent much of his early show-biz career on Broadway in the musical Oliver!, as you know, and he has never lost his affection for “show music.” He is attracted to girls who share this feeling.

Are you “tuned in” to the latest fashions? Davy has a ready eye for girls who are up-to-the-minute in clothes and all the accessories. It gives him a happy feeling to be with a girl who knows exactly what to wear to suit the occasion—whether it is a casual stroll, a picnic, a formal dinner, or whatever.

Are you romantic? Although Davy is attracted to girls who are “in” the scene, he is a romantic with a soft streak of sentimentality—and he looks for a girl with a “candlelight softness” about her, a girl who is not afraid to be warm and misty-eyed when the occasion is romantic in the “old-fashioned” way.

Are you single-minded in your devotion? Do you want to love, and be loved by, just one guy? That’s the kind of girl Davy is looking for, because he is a “one girl” boy. He wants to feel that when you’re with him, you’re his and nobody else’s—and he wants the whole world to know it!

Are you loyal, patient, even-tempered, kind and demonstrative? These are the qualities that are needed for a marriage to wear well—to wear in, not out. Davy has them, and he is attracted to girls who share them with him. They are the qualities that make love last a lifetime—yours and Davy’s.

Magazine: 16
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 10
Issue: 4
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Page: 62