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I’d like to congratulate “A Girl Who Knows” who wrote in about falling in love with a star. She really does know! I know thousands of girls are gonna want to kill me for this, but nobody falls in love with someone they don’t even know! Love is something that grows over a period of time and it lasts forever.

I know how all you girls feel who think you love a star, because I’ve been through it many times, and each time I was sure it was the real thing. It took a guy of my own maturity whom I knew personally to bring me to my senses. Sure, lots of stars will marry fans, but chances are one in a million that you will marry your favorite star!

It’s much better to love your boyfriend, because he can love you back! Stars are only to admire from a distance!

Nanci Allen
Nashville, Tenn.

I saw the Young Rascals on Kraft Music Hall, and guess what? I fell in love with Dino Danelli right then and there!

I always knew he was just fab, but now I realize how absolutely outasite he really is! When he threw his drumstick in the air in the middle of a song and caught it, I flipped!

Jennifer Jaff
Flushing, N.Y.

Have you taken a close look at some of your Keith Moon pics lately? I did, and you know what I discovered? In one picture he looks a lot like that adorable Susan Cowsill!

Portland, Ore.

I think these girls who write in and tell everyone they are going to marry Davy are sick! How can they let a computer tell them if they love him and he loves them?

Besides, I’m sure Davy doesn’t think very much of a girl who tells him she’s going to marry him! Anyhow, I hope not! That’s his job!

So all you “Wives of Davy,” let him decide who he is going to marry and not some silly old computer or fortune teller!

Faithful Fan of Davy’s
Monroe, Wisc.

I know that it isn’t my place to tell a star how to wear his hair. He should wear it however he feels it looks best. But I think Mike Nesmith’s sideburns are just too bad for words! No offense, of course, but they make him look like a caveman!

Well! Now that I said that, I would like to say what I think of teens who send in letters and don’t put their real names on them. Are they ashamed to let the readers know who they are? Then why did they bother to write in the first place?

Now that I’ve blasted my way through this letter, I would like to tell you your magazine is the best on the newsstand, because your reporters don’t tell lies about our favorite stars. Keep up the good work!

Vicki Felt
Saunderstown, R.I.

How would you like to join my fun-filled club? This club is especially directed to people who have hair similar to Micky Dolenz, Tim Buckley, Eric Clampton [sic], etc. We call ourselves “The Bushmen.”

So if you want to join, write to me at the address below:

Bush Club
205 Grant Ave. E.
Roselle Pk., N.J. 07204

This is to all TIGER BEAT readers who think stars are conceited and think only of themselves. It’s not true, as I found out yesterday when I met Mark Lindsay.

Instead of us asking him questions, he asked us where we lived, etc. Mark was so nice to us, I have a different opinion of stars now! Thank you, Mark, for treating us so nicely!

Barbara Shohe
Glendora, Calif.

Wow! I am lucky enough to have the same first name as that groovy singer, Lulu! I dig her singing and groovy personality. I even know by heart her great hit, “Me the Peaceful Heart.” Where can I write to this chick?

The Other Lulu
Huntsville, Ala.

Write Lulu c/o Epic Records, 1797 N. Vine, Hollywood, Calif. 90028.

I think Mark Lindsay is so perfect that I am madly in love with him. I just can’t stop thinking about him! I went steady with this guy for three weeks and I hated every minute of it, because I knew I still loved Mark! Mark’s my main man!

Becky M.
Mobile, Ala.

In your May TiGER BEAT there was a great article on Billy and Dino’s new cars. In one of the pictures. Billy is sitting in his car with a girl.

It’s not that I’m jealous or anything, because whatever makes Billy happy is good enough for me. But I’m so curious I just have to know who it is with him in the picture?

Curious Fan

The girl is Ann Moses.

I know this is going to sound silly, but could you tell me if Dino Martin shaves yet? I know Billy does, because you can tell by looking at his pictures. Anyway, I think Dino would look good in a mustache. Could somebody give him a suggestion, maybe?

Just Curious
Philadelphia, Pa.

I was lucky enough to go to the Monkees Concert in Philadelphia. I was in the balcony, Sec. K, Row J, Seat 12. It was the greatest thing that ever happened to me!

I would appreciate it very much if anyone who went to the concert would contact me—especially the girls who kept telling me to shut up!

Ann McIntyre.
R.D. Box 7413
Wrightstown, N.J. 08562

Beautiful story Permalink

I just finished reading “Davy Remembers His Mother” from May TIGER BEAT, and I just felt I had to write you about it!

It’s a beautiful story, and it made me stop and think how truly fortunate I am to have both parents and such happy ones at that!

Donna Anthony
Bartlett, N.H.

Would you believe that we nearly have the Monkees right where I live? My girlfriend has a kitten with brown eyes and bushy eyebrows like Davy’s. There was a boy at our Monkee concert who looked just like Peter except he was shorter. We know a girl with hair like Micky’s. We don’t know anyone who looks like Mike though.

Monkee Lovers
Detroit, Mich.

The story you printed about Mark by his housekeeper, Leslie, was the most heart-warming and nicest stories I’ve ever read! Leslie is VERY lucky and I’m sure she is well aware of this fact! Yet she really seems to be enjoying herself (what girl in her right mind wouldn’t?). She must be absolutely wonderful at so many things as she has made our guy so happy! And a warm thanks to her for that!

I hope to see many more stories like this one. Also Leslie, you’re the greatest! Take good care of Mark for us!

Roseann Nemes
Chicago, Ill.

I really think Mark Lindsay is the grooviest cat around, but has anyone noticed that he is getting fat? He seems to be getting a double chin! I think his housekeeper Leslie feeds him too much! Does anybody agree?

Lindsay Luvver
St. Laurent, Can.

I’m writing this letter to say something I found out a few minutes ago. When I measured myself to see how tall I was, I found out that I am 6 inches taller than Davy Jones, have one inch to go before I’m Peter Tork’s height, 3 inches to reach Micky’s height and 4 to be as tall as Mike, which makes me 5'9" tall!

And I must confess, I’m still growing!

The Giant
Morehead City, N.C.

It’s going to be up to our generation to obtain peace between the races and love for all of our brothers and sisters no matter what color their skin is! Please pray for peace, be kind to everyone and help make this a groovier world!

I know we can achieve this if we all work and groove together NOW! So be happy and LOVE!

Linda Lull
Independence, Mo.

I think Mark Lindsay should get his contacts fixed! When I was looking at a closeup photo of him, I could tell they were really loose! I’ve got them too, so I know what I’m talking about.

All he has to do is get them adjusted and they’ll be much more comfortable, not to mention more groovy looking!

S. Holland, Ill.

I like Sajid Khan. I think he is cute—very cute. But I must admit I like Davy Jones a little better.

Warwick, R.I.

In the past month I’ve read in four different places that California is going to have an earthquake. What happens if all the stars go down with it? Let’s hope and pray for the best!

Chris Young
Ravena, N.Y.

If you want to keep America beautiful, support mini skirts! They’re the wildest things since TV was invented! Anyway, how would it look if girls were walking down the streets wearing dresses down to their ankles?

Robin Brown
Chula Vista, Calif.

Magazine: Tiger Beat
Editor: Ann Moses
Volume: 3
Issue: 12
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Company
Pages: 6, 9, 61