Tiger Beat Says: Davy DOESN’T Hurt His Fans

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Davy’s very thoughtful, very kind letter should be sufficient to silence his critics about dating or being photographed with girls. But TIGER BEAT feels so strongly about this selfish element of fans who want Davy to do nothing but work and have no life of his own that we decided to state his case and defend his cause.

Davy’s not a hermit, after all! As some of his loyal fans put it, just because he is famous doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the right to freedoms and pleasures of his own. Everyone on this earth has a right to fall in love and get married. And how can anyone find his life partner if he doesn’t date a lot of different girls? To hear some jealous fans talk, Davy might as well be a robot put here to wind up and order around to suit their selfish interests. If that were the situation, these so-called fans could feed a set of factors into a computer and settle his whole life!

Are you hurting Davy?

Davy Jones

If you are really Davy’s fan, you should let him have some life of his own and permit him to have fun. True fans want him to be happy! Just as he works hard on records, television, movies and personal appearances to make his fans happy. Thoughtless fans who say Davy hurts them should read the following, and then ask themselves if Davy’s fans are hurting him!

…FACT. Davy sponsored a contest at his own time and expense to spend a day with his fans. He generously took them to Marineland and then to a fabulous dinner at Micelli’s. Plus, he got permission for them to attend a Monkee recording session!

…FACT. When the Monkees did their Hawaiian concert, a little girl riding across town to that concert was badly injured in a car accident. Davy, hearing of her misfortune, went to the hospital with her and held her hand while medics removed slivers of glass from her head!

Another good deed

Davy Jones

…FACT. At an Eastern concert, a very sick girl confined to a hospital bed was wheeled into the auditorium. The crowd was so vast and she was so immobilized that it looked like she wouldn’t even get to hear her idol. Davy, hearing of her predicament, arranged to have her bed placed right up next to the stage so she could see the entire performance from her almost prone position.

…FACT. Innumerable times when reading letters from his fans, something really gets to Davy and he picks up the phone and puts in a personal call—again at his own time and expense.

…FACT. Many times, when on tour, Davy’s attention has been called to the presence of fans who have come long distances, and waited long hours—sometimes without food or rest—just to hear a concert or get a glimpse of their fave. How often have you read in TIGER BEAT how Davy found places for them to stay and even provided food for them until they could get back home?

He cares!

Davy Jones

Memory is short. These are just a few of Davy’s good deeds that fans forget in their self-centered disappointment. But they have all been factually reported in TIGER BEAT.

TIGER BEAT maintains that Davy doesn’t attempt to deceive his fans. Everything he does is open and above-board. He is not hiding out a regular girlfriend. As he has said many times, he is looking for his dream girl, his lifetime partner. How else will he ever find her if he has no chance to date all kinds of girls and keep looking?

Davy hurt his fans? It could be that in the fans’ unfair judgments, Davy’s fans are hurting him!

Magazine: Tiger Beat
Editor: Ann Moses
Volume: 3
Issue: 12
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Company
Pages: 4–5