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I think the following people should be nominated “Grooviest People of the Year.” 1) Sajid Khan, 2) Peter Tork, 3) Mike Nesmith, 4) Mark Lindsay and 5) Charlie Coe. Does anyone agree with me?

Cheryl Westenberg
Jackson, Ohio

I think the Bee Gees are outasite! They’re very talented for such a young age. I just love to hear their songs.

Most magazines have nothing about them. But TiGER BEAT always has at least something on them. It always makes me happy to see some groovy pictures of my favorite groups. Also you have such great stories on them!

Ramona Medina
Akron, Ohio

Recently, I met a distant cousin of mine who is 17. He came over unexpectedly one day, and when I opened the door I screamed and jumped in his arms! I almost died, because he looked exactly like Davy Jones!

When I found out it was only my cousin, I cried, because I thought I had the true Davy Jones in my house!

Davy Lover
Dorchester, Mass.

Why doesn’t anyone ever mention how considerate and nice Paul Revere is? When the Raiders performed here in Beaumont recently, we read it was Paul’s birthday so we made a big sign that said “Happy Birthday Paul” and a birthday cake. We waited outside the stage door after the concert and when they came out we handed Paul the cake. He smiled and said that he really appreciated it very much. When he got on the bus he opened the window and shook hands with us and gave me his autograph!

He could have just driven off, but he didn’t. When he signed my autograph and put my name on it he said that his little girl had my name. As far as I’m concerned, Paul Revere is considerate and thoughtful of his fans!

Jody Collins
Beaumont, Tex.

I love Davy Jones very much, so one night while I was watching the Monkees I kissed him on the T.V. Guess what happened? I got a shock! That’s how outasite his kisses are!

Hot Lips
Lakewood, Calif.

This letter is to defend Dino against the criticism he’s been getting. His hair looks groovy blond, and besides, Dino’s looks are such that he’d look totally outasite if he dyed his hair purple!

Look deeper, past his eyes, hair and physique (which in Dino’s case is difficult!) and you’ll see a great guy and a fantastic performer!

Mary Starves
Covina, Calif.

Mike is handsome, Peter is lovable, Davy is cute and Micky is MINE!

So. Bend, Ind.

I think the Cowsills are groovy! I’m sick of hearing people cut them down just because their mother is in the group! And I’m sure other kids agree with me!

Cowsill Fan
Racine, Wis.

I think Micky Dolenz is indescribably delicious!!

Nancy Bloedel
Malvern, Iowa

Please print this letter to Brenda Rednour of Mississippi. She is the girl who wrote in and said she is furious with Peter Tork because he was married at one time.

Brenda, I read your letter and I want you to know that I really feel sorry for you. How do you think Peter felt when he realized that he made a mistake? How do you think his ex-wife felt? And now you are going to drop Peter just because of his past. If you ever really cared about Peter, you wouldn’t drop him now.

I hope, for your sake, you don’t go through life judging people by their past. I’m sorry you feel this way about Peter. I wish you would stop for a minute and think about him and the type of wonderful person he is today. Please give Peter a second chance. I know he would give you one if you made a mistake.

Gwen Lindsley
Holtwood, Pa.

I don’t see anything wrong with Paul Revere’s nose! Everybody is always kidding him about it on “Happening ’68!”

I happen to think Paul has a very groovy nose! And why not? It’s right in the middle of a very groovy face which is connected to a very groovy bod which contains a groovy warm heart!!!

Gales Wesemann
New York, N.Y.

This is a plea from a loyal Beatle fan. Some kids who used to be called “loyal” Beatle fans are really letting them down by saying or writing that they hate the Beatles!

I think the Beatles are trying to give their fans a message through their latest hit “Hello, Goodby!” [sic] They are saying they still love their fans, yet we are saying goodbye to them in favor of other groups.

Like most of you, the Monkees are also my favorite group, but I still have room for the Beatles and more! I’m sure if you think about it you’ll realize that the Beatles of today still love us, and that their new music is just as wonderful or even greater than it was yesterday!

I hope you all will give them another chance!

Shirley Viegen
Spring Grove, Minn.

We are having a Monkee Rally this summer in New York. To make this the overwhelming success it should be, I would like to know if you’d print the information about it to gain the attendance of Monkee fans in New York, the outlying areas and anyone who might be visiting for the summer. Thanks!

Date: July 14, 1968
Where: Central Park Sheep Meadow
Time: 1:00–on
Bring: Records, phonographs, photos, scrapbooks and friends.

Pat Evoy
20 Plaza Street
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11238

Please tell me where I can write to the Box Tops! I really dig this groovy new group!

Sally Fox
Providence, R.I.

Write to them c/o Mike Malone, 1298 S. Highland, Memphis, Tenn. 38111.

I disagree with Vivien Preegor who wrote in the March issue that “Britannia still rules!” I’m not saying England is dead—it has my favorite group, the Beatles plus others. But right now I’d say America (especially California) has the best groups. They are bringing in a new sound that people want to hear. In England, other than the Beatles and a couple of others, they still have the same type of music they had when they started.

Oh, and as far as the Beatles starting it all, yeah, great! But if they didn’t, it is possible someone else (maybe from America) would have!

New York, N.Y.

I am crazy over John of the Cowsills! I think he’s a doll! I used to hate my freckles, but when I saw John’s picture I changed my mind because his freckles are so cute!

Carol Cheek
Port Chester, N.Y.

Magazine: Tiger Beat
Editor: Ann Moses
Volume: 3
Issue: 10
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Company
Pages: 6, 9