Zilch! Davy Jones’ Groovy Store

Davy searched until he found what he considered the ideal location for the first in a proposed chain of boutigues [sic], and found what he wanted in N.Y. Result: Zilch I.

(Editor’s note: Since Davy Jones opened his clothing shop in New York, thousands of fans who aren’t lucky enough to live in the vicinity have wanted to know what the store was like. So two TS readers, Ellen Mary Korteling and Gail Nilsen, gladly volunteered to take pictures and tell it like it is.)

Walking down a one-way street, Thompson Street, to be exact, the first thing we noticed was a group of interested, enthusiastic girls crowded around a groovy new shop which opened recently called Zilch I. It is owned by none other than super-star Davy Jones!

Not only is this shop popular because Davy owns it, but also because it has some of the grooviest clothes you can buy in New York.

The very first thing we noticed when we walked in was all the cards strung up from one wall to the other. The cards were sent to Davy and the Zilch I for Christmas and for Davy’s birthday.

We were really amazed to see how many people were there but when we asked about it we were told by one of the patrons that this was a light day!

We then found Mr. Neal, one of Davy’s closest friends in New York who helps run the shop for him, and asked him if he’d mind answering some questions for us about the shop. He had to wait on some customers, but told us to take pictures and then he would help us all he could!

The first thing Mr. Neal told us was that the most popular item sold in the shop was the Achkan shirt (long Indian-type shirts). In fact, he said, when the shop opened he had had to order a new supply after three weeks because they’d “only” stocked 600!

We then asked him about Davy, and if he was really involved with Zilch, or… And Mr. Neal interrupted by saying that not only did Davy visit the shop the first few weekends after it opened, he even helped out as a salesman! Davy even helps pick out what clothes will be sold in the shop, and is contemplating doing some original designs as well.

Since this shop is named Zilch I, we then asked Mr. Neal if there would be Zilches II, III, etc. He said he didn’t know, but that it was likely if this shop was a success (and it certainly appears to be!) then Davy would open up branches in other major cities. (As a matter of fact, Los Angeles has been mentioned as the location for Zilch II!—T.)

Well, there was nothing more to ask, really, so we took some more pictures, bought an Achkan shirt, and wished Davy had been our salesman!

Magazine: Teen Screen
Pages: 50–51