Davy’s Private Snapshots

Here are some of Davy’s very own family photos, loaned to Monkee Spectacular just so you could enjoy memories along with Davy!

  • Ken Wilkinson, Hazel Jones Wilkinson, Deborah Jane Wilkinson, Harry Jones, Petal
    That’s dad with my sister Hazel, her husband Ken and their daughter Deborah. The German Shepherd’s name is Petal. This photo was taken about four years ago in Hazel’s backyard.
  • Deborah Jane Wilkinson, Davy Jones, Harry Jones
    My niece Deborah is a great Monkee fan and every time I go home she can’t hear enough about the other Monkees. It’s a funny thing but she never asks as many questions about me. This photo was taken in England just after “I’m a Believer” became a hit over there. My father is looking on.
  • Hazel Jones Wilkinson, Lynda Jones Moore, Davy Jones, Beryl Jones
    Surrounded by girls! Top left is sister Hazel; top right Lynda and in front of her is my sister Beryl. The other girls are friends. I’m in the middle at age 3.
  • Dodger
    My favorite dog is ‘Dodger’ who lives in England with my father. When I come home for a visit he gets so excited he wags all over.
  • Hazel Jones Wilkinson, Beryl Jones
    Here’s a great shot of my two sisters taken when they were very little. It’s one of my favorites. That’s Hazel at the left when she was five. Beryl is at the right at age 4 and she does seem just about to shed tears.
  • Ken Wilkinson, Hazel Jones Wilkinson, Davy Jones
    Wedding photo of Ken and Hazel’s happiest day. If you look closely you can see me at the right. I wasn’t very fond of wearing those knickers as you can see by my expression. I have a carnation pinned to my lapel.
  • Hazel Jones Wilkinson
    My sister Hazel. She doesn’t like to have photos taken and can’t understand how I stand in front of cameras hour after hour.
  • Davy Jones, Enid
    [Above], I was 16 and appearing on Broadway in “Oliver.” I met some groovy New York girls then. This photo was taken at Birdland which is a dance palace. My friend’s name was Enid.
  • Lynda Jones Moore, Davy Jones
    In England when I was 17 this photo was taken of Lynda and me while I was showing her my script for “Oliver.” Lynda loves show business and always wants to know all the details.
  • Hazel Jones Wilkinson, Deborah Jane Wilkinson
    Below, that’s my niece Deborah wearing her favorite Monkee hat with my sister Hazel.

[Scans by This Lovin’ Time]

Magazine: Monkee Spectacular
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 14
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 10–11