The Monkee-Mailbox

The ONLY place in the whole wide world where you can write a letter to your favorite Monkee-or to all four Monkees—and be sure that you will get a PERSONAL reply!

Samantha Juste Dolenz, Micky Dolenz
Sammy & Micky

Dear Micky,

I read in a blah magazine (a cheap imitation of 16) that your hair is curly because you can’t do a thing with it and that it was starting to fall out because you had to straighten it so often. The editor of that magazine said that your doctor said you should leave your hair alone or you would go bald! Is this true? I am very anxious to know!

Darlene Protz
Toledo, Ohio

Dear Darlene,

Not a shred of truth in all that. The truth was clearly printed in 16 several months ago—in this department. I got tired of having my hair straightened and I wanted to try a natural look. I believe in naturalness in as many ways as possible. It turned out that most of the fans like my hair as it really grows—curly. So I have kept it that way. Thanks for caring. Luv ya.


Dear Monkees,

I have decided that you and 16 are phonies! I don’t believe that you answer these letters. You don’t have the time. I’ll bet you’re afraid to print this letter!

Canada, P.Q.

Dear D.D.O.,

The letters in the Monkee-Mailbox are screened by Gloria Stavers, Editor-in-Chief of 16 Magazine, in New York City and a cross-section of the mail is sent to our offices at Screen Gems in Hollywood. We decide which letter we want to answer and our answers are mailed to 16 Magazine in New York, and then published. We have final approval on the actual form the letters take, as they are read to us over the telephone before they are published. Neither the Monkees nor 16 are untruthful—ever! By the way, we don’t hide ourselves, either. Why were you afraid to sign your full name?? Anyway, we hope that this clears the air for you.


Linda Haines Jones, Davy Jones
Linda & Davy

Dear Davy,

I turned to the feature section of a local newspaper today and I was never so shocked in my life! This writer said that she did a telephone interview with you and you said that you were going steady with a girl named Linda! I hope that this is not true! Do you want to break a million hearts?

Carol Hepburn
Oaklawn, Ill.

Dear Carol,

Fear not—I haven’t got a steady girl, and quite frankly I have never had one. I prefer the company of girls to the company of boys and I have had many close girl friends, and will continue to! I date Linda (just as I used to date Deana Martin and Sally Field), and when the lady called for the interview I happened to tell her that I had had a date with a girl named Linda. That is all—just a date. As a matter of fact, I took her to the Grammy Awards. Mike and Phyllis and Peter and Sammy sat at our table. It was a gas. I wish you could have been there! Love,


Peter Tork
Peter & V symbol

Dear Peter,

I saw a picture of you holding up two fingers in a sort of V shape. What does that mean? Also, are you growing a beard? Will you wear it in the movie?

Delia Smith
New York, N.Y.

Dear Delia,

This symbol (see photo) means peace, love, groovy—or anything positive you want it to mean. I don’t know who originated it, but it sure is great. Don’t you agree? I shaved off my beard for the movie. Maybe when the movie is finished I can grow another one. I just want to grow a full beard once, so that I can say I did. You dig?


Mike Nesmith, Phyllis Barbour Nesmith
Mike & Phyllis

Dear Mike,

I saw the show you fllmed [sic] in Paris—the one with the girls in it. I understand Davy, Micky and Peter kissing girls (I guess they have to have some fun too), but Mike—if it had been Phyllis that you kissed, I wouldn’t have minded! Why did you kiss another girl?

Michele Scott
Kingston, N.Y.

Dear Michele,

First off, you have to realize that the show is filmed using actors and actresses. The Paris segment was a performance. Phyllis is not an actress and so she could not do the show. Although The Monkees are a lot like they are in real life, when they are on the show it’s just “make believe.” Please don’t worry about any of those girls. We never saw them again.


Dear Monkees,

There is so much I want to know about you all that I don’t know where to start. What are your hobbies, when were you born and all that. Where can I find out everything there is to know about you?

Jane Lee Liermann
Winfield, Kansas

Dear Jane Lee,

You can find out positively whatever there is to know about us by reading 16’s groovy booklet Monkees: “Here We Are!” For full information on how to order your copy, see Page 29.


Dear Monkees,

Today is the worst day of my life! I heard that your show was going to be cancelled as of this coming fall. What are you going to do? Worse yet, what are we going to do?

Denise Poese
Ferguson, Miss.

Dear Denise,

Keep the faith, baby! We Monkees will undoubtedly do four one-hour specs on NBC-TV during the 1968–69 season—thanks to the thousands upon thousands of letters you glitzy Monkee-Luvvers sent to NBC in L.A. and N.Y.C.!! As you know, our show will definitely be re-run in the summer and there is also a chance that some of the past shows will be re-run next fall. No matter what happens, we Monkees will stick together and continue to give you our utmost.


Thank you Sandy Lukas of Chicago, Ni.: Your burlap banner was a thoughtful birthday present and expresses a beautiful sentiment. Luv,


To Carol Bianchi of Philadelphia, Pa., from Micky: Thanx for the birthday present. You were the only one who thought to buy me soup!!

From Micky to Barbara Grosskreutz of Kansas City, Kans.: thanx for sending me that adorable picture of yourself!

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Magazine: 16
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 10
Issue: 1
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Pages: 46, 48