My Micky

Coco Dolenz

A GREAT NEW monthly column by Micky’s sister COCO DOLENZ

Christmas time around our house, this year, was really great. Love was spread, peace was attained, and good will toward all was our motto. What with the new thought movement of love, peace and happiness, which aren’t new ideas really, we practiced what we preach, so to speak, even stronger than usual.

My mom and I started decorating the tree, and the house in the middle of the week before Christmas. Micky couldn’t be with us to trim the tree, ’cause he had to be at the studio till Friday. He wasn’t feeling too well, so he didn’t make it up till Sunday. He arrived when all of us were at a Special Candle Lighting Service at our church. When we came home he was dead asleep in my room, with presents galore all over. In fact, he still had some in the car, and it looked like Santa’s Sleigh. All that was missing were the reindeer. It was chuck full of presents, and boxes.

Christmas Eve has always been sit around, put presents under the tree, and drink hot chocolate night for us. And that’s just what we all did. Of course we always put things off, so we had a few more things to wrap, and place under the tree. Later on we gathered around the organ, and had a groovy time. Micky played, and we all sang Christmas Carols. Then Mom had to get in on the act, so she started playing, she plays outasite! Debbie and Gina were singing and dancing, getting tired enough for them to want to go to bed. ’Cause we all know Santa doesn’t come until the kids go to sleep. Debbie’s wise to the whole thing, but I believe in Santa Claus. But that’s a whole other thing.

Now Micky started talking about how to spring Debbie’s big present on her. You see, a couple of weeks before Christmas, my mom came up to me and said, “Coco, your brother is getting Debbie a horse, and it’s up to you to find one.” Great!! I really know where to find horses in San Jose. Well I asked everyone for some hints, and finally the Thursday before Christmas, I dragged our next door neighbors, Anita and Laura, into the car. Main Objective? To get that horse. We went all over. Some too big, some too wild, some really a drag. We finally found a 3-year-old Bay Mare. Cutest thing you’ve ever seen.

Micky Dolenz

Well, I made arrangements for them to deliver her on Christmas Eve down the road from us, so we could give her to Debbie Christmas morning. Now that was accomplished. Well, on Christmas Eve we were trying to figure out ways to get the horse to the house, and spring it on her. I can’t tell you how long Debbie has wanted a horse and how long Gina has wanted a car. But that comes later. Micky wanted so to pick it out for her, but with him in L.A. it was impossible. But I knew what he wanted. I had found a 15-year-old, great horse. But when I called Mick to ask him about that one, he said, “Heck no!! Get her a young one, one she can groove with and grow up with.” Well anyway, he finally decided to put a sign around her saying “Hello, Debbie, I’m yours, Micky sent me.”

Christmas morning was really groovy, we all got up early, and started opening presents. Micky had told Mom he was going to get her a new stove, ’cause she’s had the same one for so long, but she said no, ’cause she wanted a certain kind, and didn’t want him to get it. But you know Micky… On the tree was a little note saying, “To Mom—Good for one stove of your choice.” Well, she blew it, and started crying. Then he gave Dad a tape recorder and some money for the church. Then my Dad started crying. Then Mamoo (our groovy Grandmother) got a note saying it was good for some new furniture. Well, Mamoo really blew her mind. She was crying for one hour straight.

Then came my turn. I opened a big box, and in it was the most beautiful brown full length suede coat I’ve ever seen! Then I started crying! I’ve never had a suede coat, and I just love it. Then came Gina’s time. Micky got her 4 pieces of kitchen equipment. A stove, a sink, a refrigerator, and a hutch. They were from Creative Playthings, Inc. and just the right size for her.

Just then Micky disappeared. Around the corner came a miniature size Model T Ford, going about 5 miles an hour, with Micky on top of it! Gina fell apart. “A CAR, A CAR, oh, Micky, I wanted a car. Oh Micky!!!” While Gina was zooming around we opened some more gifts. Except most of them were for Micky. He got a typewriter, clothes, an electric back scratcher (Debbie picked it out), books, games (he loves games), a wine decanter, cuckoo clock, electric blanket, and bunches of groovy things for his house.

Micky Dolenz

Debbie about this time was playing with all her things when there was a ring at the door. She hadn’t noticed that Micky had split about ten minutes before. When she answered the door, there stood Micky with the horse, later to be named by Debbie, Charmaine, with the sign around her neck. Micky had a smile on his face that would have made anyone freak. Debbie is still in orbit. Her eyes bugged out, her face turned red, and then she started crying. We all cried with happiness of course. Debbie was on her horse in a flash, Gina was speeding around the house, and I was helping with dinner, while Micky serenaded us in the kitchen.

That day everyone went to sleep pretty early what with getting up so early that morning. Micky stayed for a couple of days, then had to get back. He mostly rested, and had a lot of time to talk with fan club officials, and read mail. We went over to where all his presents were, and brought them home. He got groovy stuff from all his fans. And brought it all home with him to Hollywood.

We had a great Christmas, what with Micky being home, and being able to be with him. I hope he can come home more often in 1968. The year has started off with a bang, and I know your new year will be just as exciting as the last, and even more so. God love you, and this year let’s love! Let There Be Peace On Earth and Let It Begin With Me.

Magazine: Monkee Spectacular
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 12
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 16–17