Davy’s Six Kisses

Davy Jones

Darling Davy tells all about kissing and what it really means!

When a girl comes on our set she often gets kissed by a Monkee, just to make her feel sure she’s one of us. Kissing is a nice way to say hello to friends. After all, what better way to show a girl you’re willing to be friendly and open with her? But it’s only fun kissing not like the real thing at all.

When you think about it, I guess there are six types of kisses and they’re all important. Trouble occurs when a boy or girl mistakes one kind of kiss for an entirely different kind. That’s when people get hurt.

First, there’s the friendly kiss. That’s usually just on the cheek and all its means is friendship. You kiss someone with a friendship kiss when they are nice to you or you want to be nice to them.

Now we come to the second kind of kiss: the beginning kiss. If you’re a girl, when you feel you are getting along with a boy long enough to see how he really feels about you, that’s the time for a beginning kiss. It could also be called a test kiss because you’re finding out where it’s really at between you.

The third kind of kiss is the teasing kiss. It’s never on the lips, and never lasts too long. It’s the kind of kiss you only use with someone you’re really fond of and hope to date again and again.

Kiss number four is called “The Surprise Kiss”. This is most often done all in fun and it can really catch you unaware. Watch out for this one on first dates.

Another one you’ll find in Hollywood alot [sic] on movie sets is the make-believe kiss. Say you’re required to play a scene in which you have to kiss your leading man in front of the camera. There’s a special way to do this that you learn in drama school. It’s not really a kiss at all. But sometimes, if you both like each other alot [sic], be sure and watch out for the surprise kiss! It’s usually the reason Hollywood stars get married.

The next to the last kiss, kiss number six, is the serious kiss. It’s the perfect kiss, the best part of romance. When a boy feels you’re the right person, and you know he is, one evening you’ll find him looking deep into your eyes. You’ll look into his and the next thing you know, you’re being swept away by the serious kiss! It’s the closeness of affection and the warmth of understanding. It’s unspoken feelings and all the wonderful things you’ve always dreamed about finding. That’s what it all means when you’re truly in love and you kiss a boy.

That’s the way I put kisses in order of their importance. You may have a different set of names for them. Oh! I guess there is one more, the seventh kind of kiss! That’s for your mother and your dad, of course. You do kiss them, I hope!

Magazine: Fave
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 8
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Page: 5