Davy and Sally’s Love

By Close Friends of Theirs as told to Audrey Hulse, FaVE Reporter

What is really happening now between Davy and Sally? Of course D & S aren’t telling! So FaVE got to two of their closest friends. What they had to say is so intimate they asked us not to print their names!

Davy Jones

Sometimes I think Davy Jones is in love with the whole world. Sally Field is part of the world, so from that point of view, he certainly loves her. So the magazines that say Davy loves Sally are right in that respect.

But Davy just doesn’t get involved with any one girl. He likes an awful lot of girls, and there isn’t a day goes by on the set of “The Monkees” show that some pretty teenybopper isn’t coming by to see him. But he doesn’t fall all over them. He’s a gentleman, by every standard I know of, and he treats a girl gently and with plenty of charm! But if he’s ever been in love with any single one, I don’t think any of us around him know about it. He keeps those kind of private thoughts strictly to himself.

Now Sally Field is a great girl and everyone on The Monkees really likes her. She and her stand-in, Connie Seim, often ride over to the Monkee Stage on their bikes, with their Flying Nun costumes on, and we all laugh a lot together. I guess at first Davy liked Sally because she didn’t need him. I mean, she’s a star as big as Davy, and she’s got lots of guys calling her, so she and Davy could kind of meet on neutral ground. Davy is sometimes a little suspicious of a girl’s motives when he takes her out. He knows that the name Davy Jones turns a lot of girls on before they’ve even met him, and he hates that. He wants to be loved as himself, not as a big star. So he’s very shy about showing any serious affection. He’s been on his own since he was thirteen, and that makes a person very independent.

Sally and Davy made a cute couple together, and I think everyone else on the lot had them paired up before they even thought of it themselves. Finally they went out together, and I know they enjoyed themselves. They both have fun in a crowd, and they both love to laugh. I’d guess they get along as well as any young couple in Hollywood. But was it love?

Davy Jones

When you’re half of an ideal couple like that, where everyone goes around saying “Sally Field and Davy Jones, what a perfect couple,” you get curious just to see if you do make an ideal couple. But whether they’re really made for each other is hard to tell.

Sally is very open, and when she’s happy you know it, and when she’s unhappy you know it. She grew up in California, where everyone is extra friendly, and she has loads of friends.

Davy grew up in England, where things are more reserved anyway, and he was on his own so young he never really learned to just take things or leave them. He is much more serious about life, deep down, than Sally is right now.

I know no one will take this as seriously as I mean it, but Davy’s big flame is going to be a girl who is a deep thinker. His intellect is like an iceberg, with only a little showing above the surface, of the sea, but with an awful lot more going on underneath.

In age difference I guess Davy’s only about a year older than Sally, but in experience, and worldliness, he could be her grandfather. I know that’s why she looks up to him so much.

I don’t think Davy Jones is ready for any serious steady date. And Sally Field isn’t supposed to be interested in getting serious about any one boy either.

But sometimes a certain smile, a certain look passes between them that really makes you wonder!

Sally Field

I’ve seen her happy and I’ve seen her sad, but when Sally Field is with Davy Jones it’s hard to tell if she’s one or the other. The problem with Davy and Sally as a team is that they’re such great people individually. Davy always shines wherever he happens to be, and the same goes for Sally. They’re personality people, and one or the other would have to drop back a little if they were to be together all the time and get along.

The first time Sally met Davy she thought of him as just another one of that crazy group called “The Monkees” who just happened to be on the same lot as her series, “The Flying Nun.” But after she got to know all the boys it was obvious that she and Davy kind of “dug” each other.

She’d be pedaling down the street on her bike and Davy would wander onto the street and pow! Twice she actually fell off her bike! Now it isn’t like Sally to get all excited about a mere male, when after all she can have her pick of any number of them. But Davy was different. Nothing rattles Davy, ever. He could be very cool, as he was one day when something was on his mind and Sally visited the set. She thought he was angry. He wandered off and left her sitting there talking to Peter and Micky and some of the Monkee gang. She said to me afterward how upset she was. She thought he was rude.

But he was worrying about his Dad in London, because he hadn’t heard from him or something, and it just got him a little up tight. He explained it the next day, and soon they were laughing together again.

Times they’d go out together they always had a lot of laughs and Sally acted as if she really didn’t have a care in the world. But Sally is a very sensitive person deep down, and she wasn’t sure how she felt about Davy.

Sally Field

I think she was in love with him, and I think he was just what she needed in the middle of the year when her series was keeping her so very busy and she was under a lot of pressure. Davy is the best thing in the world for a girl under pressure. He’s always full of fun. And Sally sure needed him to cheer her up.

One thing that Davy did more than anything for Sally was to bring her out of feeling like a little girl. Davy’s got to be one of the best dates is this town for any girl, and Sally and he were a darling duo. Sally’s pretty high up on the scale of highly admired females, and it’s not lost on all the cute boys here in Hollywood. Where they once thought of her as Gidget, they now think of her as Sally Field, a girl who’s dated Davy Jones. They realize they’ve got to be extra outasite to even begin to compare with Davy!

Are Davy and Sally in love? Davy, says “no”. Sally says “no”. But when you see them together, it sure is hard to believe them!

Magazine: Fave
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 8
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 16, 53