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Dear Monkees,

I recently read in a teen-type “scandal” magazine that you guys aren’t friends and that you never will be friends, because you didn’t choose each other to work with in the first place. I find it very hard to believe this. Could I hear it directly from you what the real truth is? Please be honest. I can take it!

Sue Willis
Dallas, Texas

Dear Sue,

It’s true that we didn’t choose each other to work with, but other than that—the statement you read in the magazine is entirely incorrect. We all spend a great many happy hours together, both at work and socially. Each of us enjoys his own private life, but we also share a great deal. We have formed deep friendships with one another and we feel sure that these friendships will never end.


Dear Mike,

A magazine printed “predictions” and one of them forecast that you and Phyllis would get divorced and you would marry a girl named Patsy. The very thought of that nearly broke my heart. What was your reaction to this?

Patti Hought
Houston, Texas

Dear Patti,

I think those kind of predictions are dangerous and silly. For instance, people read them and then get them mixed up and think that they are facts. My advice to you is SEMPER 16—rough translation: Always 16. Are you with me?


Dear Peter,

I heard a rumor that you were once married to a girl named Jody. Is this true? If so, why didn’t I know about it before?

Barbara Sardi
Belleville, N.J.

Dear Barbara,

I guess you weren’t a 16 regular back in June ’67, because in last year’s June 16 there was a short and honest story about my brief marriage. It happened when I was much younger, and the young lady and myself feel that we are better persons for having been through the marriage—even though it was dissolved. Thank you for your interest.


Dear Monkees,

I have a great idea that I would like to pass on to others. Sometimes I can’t wait a whole week (from Monday to Monday, that is) to hear your beautiful voices—so I make a tape recording of your TV show each Monday night! Any 16ers who want to try this should turn the volume on the tape recorder all the way up, and they will get a better reproduction of your voices.

Mimi Harrison
Roland, Ark.

Dear Mimi,

You are a budding genius! It really knocks us out that you care enough to do that. Hope we’ll all be friends forever!


Dear Micky,

I read in a blah magazine that you aren’t getting along with the other guys because they think you act too much like a “hippie.”

Gail Feldman
Santa Rosa, Calif.

Dear Gail,

False! The word “hippie” means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. We Monkees don’t consider ourselves hippies at all. We do—and that means all of us—like far-out clothes, Indian beads, etc. We don’t feels the least bit competitive and, as a matter of fact, we Monkees are always making presents of these clothes and trinkets to one another.


Dear Monkees,

My heart was broken last year when my Mom couldn’t let me see you when you were in Detroit. I would like to know if you will play Detroit this summer.

Margit Lamprecht
Windsor, Canada

Dear Margit,

We have not made definite concert plans. We will be doing concerts all summer, and we certainly hope Detroit will be one of the towns we hit. Keep your fingers crossed!


SPECIAL THANK-YOU FROM THE MONKEES TO SHARON LYNCH OF LEMMON, S.D.: Thanks for the lovely card and booklets. We all found them very interesting.

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Magazine: 16
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 9
Issue: 11
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Pages: 38, 40