Letter from the Editor


The Monkees are very anxious that their new single does well in this country. Micky spoke to me about it on the ‘phone last week, “Being here in America,” he said “we can watch the progress of our new releases and maybe do something about them—but, in Britain, we have to rely upon all of you, and that means every reader of the Monkees Monthly.” Don’t worry Micky—we won’t let you down!

As you know, the boys rushed back to Hollywood at the beginning of January to start work on recording songs for future singles and L.Ps., plus material for the film. WOW! That sounds one heck of a lot of work. It’s all completed now and they have already done several scenes for their first big major movie.

But, before the film started, Davy, Micky, Mike and Peter had their usual big meeting to decide which recording was going to be the new single. After long hard thinks, the vital decision was made and the master tape of “Valerie” was put on a plane and jet-flown to England where the presses starting racing out copies.

Some of you have a real crazy sense of humour. In fact, so many of your entries for our Monkee Cartoon Caption competition deserved to win that I decided I would ask the boys if they would judge our caption competition. They replied “Certainly. Send them over!” So I picked out the best couple of hundred entries and airmailed them to Hollywood. Davy, Micky, Mike and Peter duly held a quick conference and picked out the three winners.


  • Karine Jeantet, Peter Tork
    Info Above: Peter’s obviously gained one new meditating disciple in the girl on the left.
  • Micky Dolenz, Jim “Harpo” Valley
    Info [Above]: Micky (with his ‘FRODO LIVES’ badge), chats to American Raiders group man Jim “Harpo” Valley.
  • Mike Nesmith, Phyllis Barbour Nesmith, Peter Noone
    Info Above: Mike and Phyllis chatting to Peter Noone (alias Herman) when the Monkee was over here in ’67.
  • Peter Tork
    Info [Above]: Everyone agrees that Peter Tork is like a flash of quicksilver on stage.

Magazine: Monkees Monthly
Editor: Jackie Richmond
Issue: 14
Publisher: Beat Publications Ltd.
Pages: 2, 12, 24