The Little Things David Notices

Davy Jones

Davy has always had very definite ideas about the qualities that are important in a girl, like honesty, understanding, sincerity and unselfishness. But what about the “little things”?

Every guy notices little things about girls that cause him, in the back of his mind, to think “That’s groovy” or “That’s ungroovy.” Maybe he doesn’t even realize that he’s making these observations, but they’re important because a lot of little “ungroovies” may add up to a decision to forget that girl. But a lot of “groovies” can add up to a “Hey, I dig her—I think I’ll ask her out!”

Now’s Davy’s no different in that respect. He notices little things just like any other guy. But he happens to be more aware of them than the average person. They aren’t just in the back of his mind. He can tell right away if the girl he’s talking to is a little extra-special. If she does something that starts him smiling or makes his knees a bit weak, something just clicks—and he decides she’s worth talking to longer!

So, what are these magic heart-catchers? First of all, Davy says, “You can really get to know someone or get to know somebody’s personality by the way they move, whether it’s dancing or walking or running. There are a lot of groovy little things that people don’t notice that I notice, like the way a girl sits.” Davy digs a girl who walks and sits gracefully, in a poised, relaxed manner that tells him she’s a lady.

Another sure way to turn Davy on to you is to look him straight in the eyes when you talk to him. Of course that’s not hard to do. In fact, it’s hard not to look into Davy’s super-deep brown eyes! Since eyes express things that words sometimes can’t get across, if you look at each other he feels you can communicate so much more.

Davy Jones

The way a girl treats others is very important to Davy’s opinion of her. Sometimes a girl may feel if she showers him with attention and ignores everyone else or makes little remarks putting them down, he’ll think she’s cool and feel flattered that she likes him best. Not Davy! He’ll just walk the other way!

But a smile or a kind word in the other person’s direction will bring him right back! And this even goes for animals. Since Davy’s such an animal-lover, he can’t help but melt a little when you kneel down to pet a dog or a kitten. Something small like this shows that you have qualities like kindness and gentleness.

Davy Jones

The way a girl looks on the outside can give some definite clues as to the girl inside. Of course, this doesn’t mean Davy won’t like her if she’s not a beauty queen or if she has a certain color hair or if she has freckles. What he notices is how she makes the very best out of what she has.

He likes to see her, not three inches of make-up. But if she knows how to use it to enhance her best features without covering up, well, that’s outasite! The shinier her hair, the better, because it shows that she keeps herself at her cleanest, neatest best. And one thing’s for sure—Davy’s definitely turned off by anybody who’s not clean and neat.

Also, if a girl dresses with a touch of the unique, Davy’s bound to look twice. Of course, he doesn’t care if she buys the most expensive outfit. That doesn’t count at all. But if he can look at a girl and see that she is dressed just a little differently than anyone else, in good taste natch!—then he knows she’s probably an individual in her ideas, too. That’s what does count. He’ll decide she’s going to be pretty interesting to know. Everyone’s different, so just let you shine through and he’ll dig it!

Davy Jones

Even with his eyes closed, our expert Davy can pick up positive vibrations when he’s around a girl. For example, a whiff of the right perfume, one that’s soft and light and just made for you, will turn his head in your direction.

And a soft, sincere voice is a definite heart-stealer. Loud, boisterous girls just aren’t feminine and Davy likes a girl who is a girl in every sense of the word.

This includes being a good listener at the right times. When you have something groovy to say, even if Davy doesn’t agree with you, say it. He admires people with definite opinions. But don’t babble on about nothing. Davy is a great conversationalist and he always has something to say. But it’s something that he’s thought a lot about and wants to share with others.

You can learn a lot from him. To know that you’re genuinely interested in what he’s saying will make him feel superfab. And he’ll always enjoy talking with you and sharing ideas.

Davy Jones

Probably the most important “little thing” isn’t really very little at all. An outasite, sparkling smile that says to him “I’d genuinely like to know you as a person” will be the very first thing he notices about you. He’ll be able to tell if you really mean it, because Davy can see into a person and know what he or she is really like by just a few signs.

At first, those signs may seem trivial. But if you think about them, you can see that each “unimportant” detail shows whether or not a girl has a very important quality. These details are definite give-aways personality-wise. They all add up to whether you’re the girl for Davy. So, if you want to show Davy you have all those important qualities, let him know in groovy, little ways!

Magazine: Monkee Spectacular
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 11
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 4–7