Mike Nesmith’s Action Answers (Part 2)

Mike Nesmith

What do you think of smoking?

“Everyone mentions that little sign in my Radford mini before anything else. That ‘No Smoking’ sign is there because I can’t stand ash going all over the floor, smoke getting in my eyes when I drive and the smell of nicotine on my clothes. I don’t smoke.”

What do you think of your “news-worthiness?”

“What Ray Davies says in the English papers matters. What Mike Nesmith says in the English papers matters. What either of us says in the American papers does not matter.”

How do you drive?

“I drive like a little old lady!”

What do you think of The Monkees’ records?

“Now they are our own. Now we are trying to do something. Now we can take pride in our product.”

Have you bought that cattle ranch yet?

“I’m in the process of buying one in Texas.”

Who’s “Skinny the Schnide?”

“That’s what ‘Limey The Lip’ (Davy) calls me.”

How do you see The Monkees’ future?

“Cannot exist forever at their present pace, doing the work of two people.”

Magazine: Flip
Publisher: Kahn Communications Corporation
Page: 13