My Date with Davy

Davy Jones, Kim Larson
Info FaVE’s “Meet the Monkees” Contest Winner has her first real date… with David Jones!

As if my day hadn’t been exciting enough, tonight was going to top everything! Tonight, thanks to FaVE, I would be spending the whole evening with someone that millions of girls would give the world to be with—Davy Jones!!!

We planned to meet in the FaVE offices because FaVE is located right in the heart of Hollywood, just a few blocks from my hotel. I tried to be really extra-careful as I got ready. I wore a suit with pink and yellow flowers in it because I know Davy likes flowers. And I must have spent six hours brushing my hair! I’m glad I hadn’t gotten it cut yet. I know that looks aren’t that important to Davy but still, he has said he has a weakness for long hair.

The trip in the FaVE limo up to the offices went so fast! Of course, I was looking forward to seeing Davy again, but I was getting a few butterflies inside, too. On the way, I remember trying to figure out just why my heart was so fluttery. After all, he’s a person, just like me.

Then I realized I felt that way because this was my first real date! And it was with Davy Jones! Talk about starting at the top! And besides, being alone with Davy would be, somehow, different than meeting all the Monkees together.

I felt as though I knew Davy because I’d seen so many pictures of him and heard him sing and I’d read about him so many times. But he’d only been able to spend a few moments with me on the set. I wanted to be someone he’d enjoy being with if I was going to be taking so much of his valuable time.

As soon as I had it all figured out I felt much better. All I could do was just be myself, listen to what he had to say, and try to make the evening as much fun and as interesting as I could.

When the elevator opened, I got out, took a deep breath and went into the FaVE office. I met Mr. Laufer, FaVE’s publisher. He told me that Davy had telephoned a message for me, saying that the Monkees had to film later than he’d expected. But he’d be along soon.

I sat and talked with Candy Cotton, a writer from FaVE, and told her all about my day. She gave me some groovy back issues of FaVE and I settled down in the chair and became engrossed in an article about Davy. I could hardly believe he was the very person I would be going out with tonight!

Davy Jones, Kim Larson
Info Davy dictates a letter!! How would you like to be a girl secretary with an outasite boss like this?

All of a sudden, I heard that unmistakable Manchester accent, “You sure look busy! Can you spare me a few minutes?” I hadn’t even heard him come in and I really must’ve jumped because he laughed. Then he said “I’m sorry for being late. I came right over from the Columbia ranch without changing clothes!”

Just a second ago I’d been looking at his picture and now he was here for real! After I got over my shock, I took a good look at him. What a doll! He looked so darling in his navy blue jacket with a furry collar and matching flared pants and his suede boots. And I even caught a whiff of English Leather cologne. Melt!

He sat down beside me and we just talked for a few minutes. When I was on the set earlier that day, we’d been going around from place to place, meeting people and all and we hadn’t talked much. Davy asked me where I was from and we got onto the subject of my winning FaVE’s contest and how excited all my Monkee-fan friends were back in Oregon.

Davy has had so many different experiences with fans. He said, “There are four girls who know just what night of the week I always record. So once a week, on that particular night, there they are, waiting outside Screen Gems with some flowers for me!”

He told me about his fans in England, too. His father wants him to keep his next visit to England a secret because last time, the outside of the house got pretty well messed up and the kids caused quite a hassle. But Davy understands his fans and really digs them.

Davy Jones, Kim Larson
Info I had always thought a magazine publisher’s office would be the neatest place in the world to work. Now I’m convinced that the people who write about the Monkees are the luckiest of all! Here, Davy shows me FaVE’s art department.

For awhile we talked about show business. I told him I’m really interested in music (especially playing guitar and drums) and who could be a better person to talk to about show biz than David Jones?

He was very excited because Micky had written the Monkees show this week and was directing it, too.

“Micky’s doing a fantastic job of directing!” Davy said enthusiastically. “It’s kind of weird to have your buddy taking care of the whole thing, but he’s really good. All of us did everything we could to make things go as smoothly as possible and by the end of the day, Micky’s first day as a director, we’ve filmed about twelve pages more of the script than usual!”

I asked Davy if he didn’t get tired of working so hard for so many hours every day and he said, “Sometimes we really get beat. But we wouldn’t be doing it if we didn’t love entertaining more than anything. And we have a groovier time than many performers. Some studios won’t let most actors ride motorbikes or do things that might put them in any kind of danger. But they let us do all that. I guess they realize we’re just too energetic and they can’t tie us down!”

With that, he jumped up and said “C’mon. I want to show you around this place. There’s a lot that goes into making FaVE happen every month.” First, we went into the photo lab where FaVE’s photographer spends hours developing all the film from photo shootings. He takes pictures of everyone from the Fab Four to Mark Lindsay to Sajid Khan. Their very best pix are blown up to be used in FaVE, right in that room.

In the art room Davy showed me the artist’s drawing boards and the equipment they use, like scales for measuring photos and pica rulers to see how many letters will fit on each line in the captions under the pictures.

I never realized how much detailed work goes into a magazine. That doesn’t even include all the hours spent hunting up news for stories, interviewing Davy and all the others, writing and rewriting stories, sending them to the printers, proofreading, correcting.

Davy Jones, Kim Larson

Then Davy grabbed me by the hand and took me into the publisher’s office. He plopped into the chair behind an enormous desk, put his feet up, and flipped through the next issue of FaVE. It was the first time I’d ever seen him behind a desk. He’s just never seemed like the executive type! By now, I was beginning to feel calm, cool and collected—considering who I was with! You just move too fast and have too good a time with Davy to get hung-up worrying about what he might be thinking of you.

Then Davy dictated a letter to me. Imagine what it would be like to be his secretary! That’s the kind of nine-to-five job I sure wouldn’t mind having. He’d be the grooviest boss in the world!

Davy was thumbing through his billfold and he came across his used temporary driver’s license. He was about to throw it away when I asked if I could see it so he gave it to me! I know I’m the only girl in the world who has David Jones’ driver’s license because it’s the only one in existence!

Suddenly he glanced at his watch and said “We’d better get going. I made dinner reservations. We’re almost late and I don’t want you to miss out on the greatest food in Hollywood!”

I’d lost all track of time because I was having such a ball!

After Davy had shown me how they put FaVE together, he took me to The Yamashiro Castle, one of his favorite eating spots, for dinner. Up, up, up we climbed in the car, until we reached the top of a hill. The view was so outasite I caught my breath—all of Hollywood was below, with thousands of colored, twinkling lights.

The setting couldn’t have been more romantic! The Yamashiro Castle is dimly-lit and very authentic, right down to the real Japanese waiters. It’s the most romantic restaurant you can imagine!

The waiter seated us in Davy’s special corner where I could look out at Los Angeles on one side. On my other side, I could gaze straight into the eyes of Davy Jones. You can guess which side I was turned toward most of the time! It seemed like a dream, but it was very real. It was honestly happening to me!

They brought us menus but Davy was the only one to do much reading. Who could think of something as unimportant as food when you have a dinner-date with the Manchester Monkee!

After we ordered, Davy kept a menu and signed it “To Kim, My Love, David Jones.” It’s one of my most treasured keepsakes now! While we were waiting for the food to be served, Davy just kept on talking to me and paying so much attention to me. I found myself completely at ease with him.

Suddenly he turned around and pointed up to the top of a very high hill. “I live up there and from my house you can see all the way down to the ocean.” I’d been there earlier on the Monkeemobile tour, but I’m sure that it must be 100% more beautiful at night with all the city lights below.

Through the meal, which was shrimp curry and French fries for Davy and shrimp tempura for me, we talked about all kinds of things. Davy seemed to be having a good time because he had so many groovy things to say. And he sure had a good listener—I hung on every word! He talked about home and his father and how he planned to call him in England later that night.

Kim Larson, Davy Jones

He told me about the Monkees’ future plans for touring and recording. He even talked about some of his own acting ambitions and his plans to take up photography. Horses entered the conversation more than once, of course.

Davy’s a hearty eater after a long day on the set, so he finished off his meal in a flash, but most of mine was left untouched. I was just too fascinated by that beautiful person seated next to me to even remember that there was food in front of me! I did manage to get down some sherbet and then Davy ordered fortune cookies for both of us.

My fortune read “Money matters will improve in awhile” which I couldn’t have cared less about just then. But Davy’s said, “You have influence over women so use it wisely.” We both got a good laugh out of that one because it sure applies to him!

The fortune cookie incident sparked Davy’s memory. He told me about a time in New York when he was waiting to find out if he’d got a part in “Pickwick.” At dinner that night he’d opened up his cookie and the fortune had read “Your luck will change with the coming of spring.”

The very next day he was told that he’d landed the part. That night he ate at the same restaurant and this time his fortune cookie said “Your luck has changed. It is now spring for you.” It was probably only a coincidence but ever since then Davy’s paid a little more attention to what those little cookies have inside them!

Davy Jones, Kim Larson

Before we knew it, the evening had flown! A whole day of shooting lay ahead of him, so he had to catch a few hours of sleep. I just couldn’t believe, with his hectic schedule, he’s given me so much time but then that’s Davy for you!

I thanked him for everything and, instead of saying “You’re welcome,” he slowly turned to me and kissed me.

It had really happened—a kiss from Davy—the most treasured moment on the most memorable night in all of my fourteen years!

Magazine: Fave
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 7
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 32–33, 36–37