Fave Happenings

Monkee news this month includes “Micky Movies”! Would you believe he’s been showing cartoons up at his groovy abode of “Alice in Wonderland” and “Tom and Jerry”? ’Tis true and the captive audience includes the Buffalo Springfield, no less!

There’s always something happening at the Dolenz domain. Now that his recording studio’s near completion, he couldn’t wait to try it out, so he started off with a song written by David Price and Ric Klein, and Davy stopped by to listen during the impromptu session!

Practical joker Jones is always on the lookout to pull shenanigans on his best-buddy stand-ins, like crawling up behind them on his hands and knees and knocking into them in just the right place to buckle their knees and knock them off balance, as they yell a super-surprised “What’s happening?!”

Sunday afternoon is a good time to go cruising down the street, Monkee-hunting because you’re very likely to see Micky or Davy and a bunch of their friends engaged in a big football hassle. Maybe football’s a little different than soccer, but Davy’s so athletic, he can’t be beat, even in an unfamiliar, all-American game like this one, and in the pouring rain, no less!

Seems like the Raiders are always moving. Their last tour was down Southland way and they split for it right after filming a Smothers Brothers segment. I hope you all caught it really outasite.

Mark Lindsay has done some recording on his own—in different languages yet! He recorded “Oh Moreen” backed with “I Had a Dream” in Spanish and “I Had a Dream” plus “Little Girl in the Fourth Row” in Italian. Now all the lucky people in Mexico, Spain, Italy and Latin America will be tuning in to one of the grooviest guys ever!

Sajid Khan’s enrolled in a public high school as a tenth-grader and really digs it! He’s been riding to school in the mornings with rave fave Desi.

Saj and gorgeous Angela Cartwright got together recently for a pre-party at PJ’s and a Hollywood Bowl concert and we got all the scoop from them. The groups grinding out chords were the Sopwith Camel, the Sunshine Company, Eric Burden and the Animals and The Everly Brothers (who did their ten-year-old standards plus some hipper stuff).

The show-stoppers were the Association, who always have an extra-professional act full of groovy gags and unique sounds, and the “smashing” Who. The climax came when Keith Moon threw his drum into the pool and a boy in the audience jumped in after it. For his “bravery” he got to go backstage and was introduced to everyone by Keith himself!

It never rains in sunny California? Well, it’s just called “liquid sunshine” and it almost seemed planned the day of the concert! The minute the Sunshine Company sang their last note of “Rain”, down came the drops. It was almost too unreal to be real! Then during the rest of the show, the Bowl really looked wild—a sea of colorful umbrellas! Even those without ’em sat damply, but loyally through it all.

Dino Martin turned sixteen November 17 and threw a fantastic blast at his house to celebrate. The Merry-Go-Round created the chords for guests including sister Deana, Davy Jones, Peter Tork, Micky Dolenz, Desi, Billy and Mia Farrow.

Also on the go are Don and the Goodtimes who took off on tour after a stint at the Galaxy Club on Sunset Strip. Their new act is even 100% more fab than before, sound-wise. And when Jeff Hawks came on stage in a turquoise East Indian coat and flowered pants, everyone looked six times! Really too much!

DOTS AND DASHES . . . Peter’s got a new outasite red MGBGT sports car so keep your eyes open . . . What was Keith Richards of the Stones doing in the Hollywood Ranch Market on Vine Street all decked out in purple—reading FaVE!

Magazine: Fave
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 7
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Page: 4