Would you like to win…

An autographed tambourine from Davy?
A souvenir of India from Sajid?
An autographed script from The Monkees?
An autographed picture from Jim Morrison?
A pair of drumsticks from Dino Danelli?
A personal keepsake from Mark Lindsay?

If you want to learn how to get to Dreamsville—read below!

All of these—and more—are waiting for some lucky 16-ers. Look to the right and see if your dream came true!

What is Dreamsville? Chickadee, Dreamsville is that place way up yonder where dreams come true like they were never fulfilled before—and the pure ecstasy might just flip you out and onto a cloud so high you may never make it back to mother earth again!

If you’re ready to make the trip, hang on—and heed this! Write a letter—a simple, easy, one-page letter—to 16 Magazine telling exactly what special delight you are longing to get from your very favorite teen star. If we possibly can (and be assured: 16 stops at nothing!), we’ll see that you get exactly what you dreamed about!

Hard to believe? Well, then, just take a look at the facing page. Each girl whose name and home town is printed there is a 16 reader who made a wish, dreamed a dream or yearned for something very special—and got it when 16 hauled her aboard our jet express to Dreamsville.

You can wing off to Dreamsville just as easily! Just write a short letter (on one side of the sheet only!) telling what you would dearly love to have. Could be a personal phone call—or a personal letter—from your favorite star. Could be a personal keepsake from your dream guy. Could be a pin-up portrait personally autographed by your grooviest group. Could be a whole set of recordings from the top of the charts. Could be any number of delicious things. It’s your request—so you name it. Jot it down on a sheet of paper and mail it to the address below. All it costs is just one 5ยข stamp—nothing else! Your Dreamsville gift is absolutely free!

16 Magazine
Box 218
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11202

After you’ve mailed your letter, don’t fail to get every issue of 16 Magazine and watch the Dreamsville answers page—because that’s where you’ll see the glorious news that everything you wished for, dreamed of, longed for has come true!

CHRISTINA MAKIEJ of New York City is in a daydream-daze with Davy Jones on her mind. After five letters to Dreamsville, her dream has finally come true! Dashing Davy sent CHRISTINA one of his favorite tambourines (and autographed it, too); a large personally autographed picture of himself; a super-surprise gift; and a full year’s free subscription to swingin’ 16 Magazine. Dreamsville does it again!

GUDRUN HENDEWERK of Salida, Col., has gone absolutely ape over handsome Sajid Khan. GUDRUN said that “anything at all” from her idol would send her to seventh heaven on a permanent basis!! Sajid went all-out to insure a tasty trip to Dreamsville for her by autographing a giant photograph of himself, writing her a personal note and sending her a special gift from India. Hope that makes you happy, GUDRUNDreamsville tries harder!

DONNA SANTANGELO of Staten Island, N.Y., is in a trance every Monday night between 7:30 and 8, when the Monkees fill her TV screen. DONNA wanted a “keepsake” from the fab foursome, so she should be as happy as a lark by now! Davy, Micky, Peter and Mike sent her an autographed script from the TV series; a large, personally autographed picture; a brand-new LP—and a record player to play it on! How’s that for a Dreamsville “keepsake”, DONNA?

MULTTI OVERCASH of Benson, N.C., has turned a triple-flip over mysterious Jim Morrison of the Doors. Jim made sure that MULTTI got a first-class seat on the Dreamsville express by sending her a large, personally autographed picture of himself; a copy of the outasite Doors LP Strange Days; and a bottle of perfume that he picked out just for MULTTI. Dreamsville goes all-out for you!

PHELIA DE FIESTA of Wapato, Wash., is a raving Rascal rooter—and her favorite is Dino Danelli. Dino went all the way for PHELIA by sending her a large, personally autographed picture; a pair of his favorite drumsticks; a personal handwritten note; and a full year’s free subscription to 16 Magazine! Dreamsville doesn’t let you down!

FRANCES GILBERT of Millbury, Mass., is a full-fledged Mark Lindsay fan and wanted a personal keepsake from her hero. Mark sent FRANCES a large, personally autographed picture; a personal note; and a personal keepsake for her alone! Stop turnin’ cartwheels, FRANCES—you’re rockin’ the cloud! Dreamsville never fails!

DIANE VOTINELLI of Brooklyn, N.Y., is a real music lover—but she doesn’t have a record player of her very own. She does now—thanks to 16’s Editor-in-Chief, Gloria Stavers. Gloria sent DIANE a portable three-speed record player, five swingin’ LP’s, and a full year’s free subscription to 16 Magazine. It just goes to show you true-believers not to give up hope! Sooner or later, Dreamsville will get around to you!

Magazine: 16
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 9
Issue: 10
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Pages: 54–55