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This letter has been printed exactly as we received it, with the misspelled words in italics.

Just a few lines to tell you just how disappointed I am in the “Teen Screen” magazine. I am ashamed to have such filth and rot in the precense of my family. Bragging (?) up of all the long haired things, that is not good reading to my knowledge, it came from the pits of “Hell.”

It is no wonder we have so much violence and trouble with our “teenagers” today. Parents that permit such magazines are not very concerned. I would like it very much if you did not send any more of them to my home, unless the reading and stories are more on the senceable side. I thought when we ordered it that it looked like it might be pretty good, but I sure changed my mind.

We would maybe have a much better nation to live in if their would be more “teen” magazines brag up about (?) our Lord Jesus Christ, and what he did for us, instead of the long haired things, that did not die on a cruel cross, to save our sins.

Mrs. Mary Alice Grubb
Woodbury, Pa.

P.S. I agree with mom—Brenda Grubb, age 14.

Jesus had long hair…

Well, another concert season is over, and you all tried to wreck a few more of our favorites. To list a few: Keith Moon of the Who was knocked through a plate glass window in Birmingham. Thank goodness he had no serious injuries!

Mark Linsay [sic] was knocked off the bus by fans, and seriously injured his ankle. Did you know he had to have shots of novacaine [sic] in his ankle for quite a few nights in order to perform? He also went down on one knee on stage, and cut his knee very badly on a flash bulb.

In Detroit, Mike Nesmith told us that he had been hit by a thrown flashbulb a few nights before, and had a cut by his eye. Although it was a minor cut, it could have cost him the sight of one eye.

Pete Townshend, also of the Who, had his finger broken by an over-enthusiastic fan. (For a while we thought the Who would never reach our area in one piece!)

In Flint, Mich., a mob of boys tried to reach the stage to attack the Hermits, but were stopped by the guards in time. Johnny Cash was attacked on stage a few weeks ago by an adult man. He wasn’t hurt, as the man was pulled off in time. Even local groups aren’t safe anymore. Our local group, the Other Kind, had a lit firecracker thrown on stage, and if the lead singer hadn’t of reacted quick to kick it off, a lot of expensive equipment would have been ruined.

The point I’m trying to make is this: If you want all these fellows to quit touring, keep it up. You’re sure working in the right direction. These are only a few of the things that happened, I could go on with this list, but this gives you the idea.

Sandra Dubay
Bay City, Mich.

This will probably be very incoherent, but I’ve got to talk to someone, and I consider you a dear friend.

I’ve just seen “A Hard Day’s Night” on T.V. and I’m—well, numb. I want SO badly to cry, yet I’m deliriously happy—ecstatic. My eyes did fill up once, when I realized that it was almost over and that I would probably never see the movie again.

I realize that the Beatles are considered almost musical geniuses—even the jaded cynics have conceded their talent and I was the first one to buy Sgt. Pepper in my crowd. But don’t you sometimes miss the old, loud, simple, 3 guitars & drummer songs? Please don’t misunderstand me. Have you EVER felt this way?

My feelings toward my Beatles (I’m sorry, but I’ve always privately referred to them as “Mine”) have changed during the past four years, matured also. I’m not the screamie little girl who wanted to marry Pauley—I’m the more reserved teen-ager who is dying to MEET Pauley, John, George and Ringo, not kiss them or cry, just to talk and find out more about them as PEOPLE, with beautiful minds…

Please tell everyone to write to NBC and beg them to repeat this movie. Also, write to CBS and see if it’s at all possible to re-run the first Ed Sullivan Beatle appearance.

Elaine Lavine
Syracuse, N.Y.

Sometimes, yes, I get the urge for the Old Beatles—and warm up my record player!

I used to read a different magazine, and I settled for what I had. But one day, as I was thumbing through the magazines at a drug store, I noticed that your magazine stood out from the rest. Not just a flashy cover, but what it had written on it. To name a few, on the cover it said, Beatles, Monkees, Raiders, Prunes, Stones, Doors… etc. And on the other magazines, esp. the one I had been reading all these years (my old family favorite) had only two names on the cover AND on the inside, which were the Monkees and the Raiders. Now this is all right if all you want to read about is these two groups, but that’s not for me… you give equal time to all the groups, so I swiftly stuffed your mag under my shirt and walked out with a beaming face knowing that I had finally found a magazine that was truly great (and free, if you’re fast enough.)

Don Wrege
Louisville, Ky.

About that prison stationary, Don…

These are the results of the original Most Popular Monkee contest that was started in Feb. 1967: Micky, 140; Davy, 133; Peter, 81; Mike, 45.

We want to thank everyone for their votes!

Tina Shields
Jan Hargy
Meriden, Conn.

I’ve just finished the article on the trial of the Rolling Stones, and I want to congratulate TS for having the courage to tell what really happened to Mick and Keith. Most other mags have considered the story “untouchable” and said nothing about it. One thing that makes TS so great is that you’re not afraid to print what your readers want to know.

Please keep printing things on the fabulous Stones—they’re the, greatest ever!

Bunny Gerard
Lake City, Fla.

Thank you so much for writing the truth about the Stones. In the town I live in the newspaper said they were arrested for taking goof balls and LSD…

Terrace, Can.

Thank you so much for printing the truth about the Stones trial—glad to see you know they’re innocent… Please do more on the Stones in the future! Hate to say it, but TS has been neglecting them of late.

Joanne Thomson
Poulsbe, Wash.

…I’d like to let them know that all of us, their true fans, never lost faith in them.

Beth Stampa
Rankin, Ill.

Up the Stones.

I would like to know why the Monkees are not in Vietnam like most Rock and Roll players. Bob Hope is here on X-mas and man, is it a relief that he comes. Are the Monkees scared or are they just show offs? A lot of us GI’s here at Dian enjoy reading your Teen Screen, and they and myself think it’s the greatest. Chow.

PFC Ronald Galasso

I called the Monkees and asked them the reasons behind their not having gone to Vietnam, even though they’ve been asked, and all they could say was they were short of time. Apparently filming all those TV shows and recording all those records takes too much out of them…

Hi, I’m Maureen, one of the three girls who had that Beatle rally at Shea Stadium; I just wanted to tell you what happened…

There were 550 girls there plus reporters. We sang songs and ate a cake we brought for John and Cyn’s anniversary… We had a great time and will always remember that day. It also brought back a lot of memories—sad ones, I might add…

I recently had a fire in my house, all my Beatle pix were burned. I just want to say, please, if any one out there has any double Beatle pix please send them to me.

God Bless all Beatle fans everywhere and thanks for listening.

Maureen Terbruggen
1201 West Side Ave.
Jersey City, N.J. 07306

Thanx loads for printing my name in your penpals section. I’ve got several groovy penpals now, plus a couple of really close friends… I expect to come out to California next summer, and I’d love to visit all you guys, if it’s okay.

Cathi Schubert
Woodbury, N.J.

Anyone who’s ever in Hollywood can come up any time—we love ANY excuse to keep from working!

I think TS is a fab magazine. I like the honesty and sincerity with which you write your articles and your many special features. However, I have one complaint. You print entirely too much on the Beatles and/or Monkees. Now don’t start jumping to conclusions! I’m not going to start putting those two groups down just because I don’t happen to like them. But enough has been said about the Beatles to last us a lifetime and the Monkees are already on top, so I don’t think they need constant coverage. Give other groups a chance, particularly the Association. Those adorable, multi-talented, groovy guys are the greatest thing to happen to pop music in this or any generation. Other Association fans please write.

Chris Kangas
13975 Minock
Detroit, Mich. 48223.

Those two letters about Herman being drunk before some show in California really amused me. I wasn’t at the show, and I really couldn’t care less whether Herman was or wasn’t drinking that particular night, but anyone who says that “Herman couldn’t have been drinking” has got to be the most naive and STUPID teenager in the world. Do fans really think their idols are so pure and innocent? Stars are only human, and when they have the world in their hands it is only natural that they take advantage of that fact.

…These stars are animals if you ask me, and it maddens me that people like you defend these crumbs by saying they “felt sick” or “you can’t believe everything you hear.” Who are you trying to kid?… TS is so good and ‘pure’, and everyone they write about is just the same. Sure!… Believe me, maybe if your stupid readers found out the truth, they’d not be so quick to confess an undying “love” for such low-down characters. Your whole lying magazine nauseates me, and I know you won’t print this, but I just want you to know that some of us aren’t all that trusting and believing. I like the Beatles for their music and nothing else. What do I care how they, or any other star lives? More teenagers should learn not to care about their stars’ personal lives!!!

Andrea Casey
Brooklyn, N.Y.

For someone who professes to not care about stars’ personal lives, you’ve just done a lot of raving! I’m sorry I had to edit your letter, but there is such a thing as libel, you know.

We’re not trying to “cover up” or soft soap these stars in any way, but we DO try to keep their personal lives out of the magazine, which is what you supposedly want us to do, or is it?

Right now I am listening to the radio, and a song came on by the Cowsills. They were fab! I thought I’d seen them in TS, so all Cowsills fans please write.

Barbara Crabbee
545 Loumena Ln.
San Jose, Ca. 95111

I enjoy your magazine very much, even though I am out of my teens (23 to be exact.) I especially like your articles on the Beatles and Monkees. These groups are, and always will be tops forever…

Please print my address so I can see whether or not other people in their 20’s are interested in magazines such as TS.

Patty Blackmore
1400 Kirkwood Rd.
Austin, Tex. 78722

If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it is the Beatles. I had 3 of their albums but I threw them away, and I was never so glad to get rid of them.

Magazine: Teen Screen
Editor: Terri Minksy
Volume: 10
Issue: 2
Publisher: Continental Communications, Inc.
Pages: 64–66