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Write to: Janey Milstead, Teen Screen, 6425 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, Cal. 90028. Be sure to use your zip code.

My picture was in the December ’66 issue of TS. I have received over 3000 letters and would like to thank everyone who wrote me. I’d also like to thank TS for printing my name.

An awful lot of the letters got misplaced while I was home on leave, so if you could possibly put my address in your column again, maybe the girls who didn’t receive an answer will give me another chance by writing again.

Aubury Huggins
460 Phipps St.
Fort Erie, Ont., Can.

Just want to say that TS isn’t just for teens. I’m 22 and enjoy it as much as I did when I was a teenager.

If there are any other post-teen TS readers, please write me.

Judy Dugan
31 Mount Hope Pl.
New York, N.Y. 10453

…I must say that TS is the greatest mag out today or ever. You’re the only one that has anything and everything, which makes it the gear of the bunch.

If you print this letter, please ask other Beatle fans to write me. I’m sixteen.

Kathleen Tracy
6715 La Mirimba St.
Long Beach, Calif. 90215

Dear Unsigned From St. Petersburg:

You wrote in several issues ago, complaining about TS. I believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinions. You’ve had your say, now here goes mine.

In my eyes—and in the eyes of many—TS is really great. The writing is clever, interesting, fun and true. (As true as they can possibly make it, which is more than I can say for quite a few other mags.) I love the pictures. Only one other magazine I’ve ever seen has had pictures even half as good as Teen Screen, and that was an English magazine.

But, even more important than that, the people on TS are the greatest bunch ever. I’ve never met them, but I’ve talked with them. They’re friendly and understanding, especially JM.

I could go on but I won’t. All I can say is if someone doesn’t read TS, they’re really hurting themselves.

Ginny Daniels
Malden, Mass.

Hi! Doing concerts in N.Y. Things look great. Will be in L.A. soon.

(of the Mandala)
N.Y., N.Y.

Is there any TS reader (girl) who lives in New Jersey and is truly interested in forming a group? I’m a drummer (well, almost) but I don’t think I’d enjoy doing a drum solo. If you’re between 13 and 16 and play an instrument or are willing to learn somehow, OR if you can sing, please write quickly.

Ellen “Ringo” Fox
44 Orange Pl.
Irvington, N.J. 07111

We would like to start a club for true Monkee lovers. We’re not bragging, but we feel we know a lot about the Monkees and would like to communicate with people who really like them. We’d like to find out more about them and tell others things they might want to know. We’ll answer all letters we receive.

Cheryl Lilley
2237 Appletree
Decatur, Ill.

Mary Ann Brozie
RR #2, Box 326
Decatur, Ill. 62521

I’m writing about something I read in another magazine. I like TS and I like the articles you write, especially because they seem so truthful. Therefore, I think you’ll print the truth about this.

I read that Smitty and Harpo of Revere’s Raiders are married. It wasn’t in one of those phoney-yuk magazines so I thought they had just goofed. But again, in their latest issue, they said they’d got so many letters accusing them of lying. But they said it definitely was the truth.

Now, I wasn’t upset because they were married, but because they didn’t tell it to the kids. Maybe they felt the fans would desert them, but they were wrong. I’ve lost more respect for them for not telling, rather than if they had. That stands for any star who is married and is keeping it a secret. Look at Paul Revere. He’s married with two sweet kids, and he’s not keeping it a secret. And I know the kids think this is really great.

Well, I just want to say, we still think the Raiders are great and we wouldn’t desert them for anything. But please tell stars who are keeping their marriages secret that it’s not fair to their fans. It’s like calling us stupid and unable to understand, and that’s not true. Perhaps you feel the same way. Thanks for listening.

Lynda Johnson
St. Paul, Minn.

It is true that ex-Raiders Mike (Smitty) Smith and Jim (Harpo) Valley are married and have been for some time. But you’ll be happy to hear that none of the new Raiders are married. For more about them, see page 40 of this issue.—JM

Three years ago I did not care for your magazine because it seemed like all the rest—designed to entice the readers into anger. But since then you have improved tremendously. The articles you’ve been printing for the last two years show that you really are concerned and do care for the teens of today.

I, for one, will never forget that article you printed a year ago on George Harrison entitled: “From A Girl Who Loved And Lost A Star.” It just broke me into tears because that was exactly how I felt when Frankie Avalon got married in 1963. The girl who wrote that was so well able to convey my feelings into words. Time heals all wounds so I have long gotten over my crush on F.A. But I assure you that it really comforts the heartbroken teen to know that there are others in the same position.

In every issue you carry such wonderful articles that I’m sure no one can help but love your mag. Keep up the great work.

Angela Logan
Cleveland, Ohio

I live in Nashville, which is supposed to be the home of country music. Well, I personally think country music stinks and everyone else I know here has the same opinion of it.

WSIX-TV, our ABC station in Nashville, recently discontinued “American Bandstand.” All through the college football season, the games were on in its place. After football was over, Bandstand was on for 3 or 4 weeks and then was dropped for some “hillbilly” country music show.

The mass of Nashville does not like this hillbilly music. I have found it is mostly the small hick towns surrounding Nashville. I have written to the program director of the station but to no avail. Please tell me how to go about getting “Bandstand” back on the air.

I would also like to let the rest of the country know that we in Nashville are not all “hillbillies.”

Phil Hallman (20)
260 Collier Ave.
Nashville, Tenn. 37211

Teenagers in other parts of the country have succeeded in having program re-scheduled by sending mail. Like, tons of it! Write to the program director again. and ask everyone you know to do the same. I’ve printed your full address so that other TS readers who want to help can write you and/or the station in question.—JM

Beatle article Permalink

I was going to send one of those kooky “thank you” cards for JM’s fine articles on the Beatles, but there weren’t any that satisfied me. There are certain things that cannot be expressed by cards or by words. One of these is gratefulness. Another is love.

I’ll always remember a left-handed guitar player with big, innocent eyes would could just wave his hand and cause the wildest ovation a performer can receive.

I wonder if anyone else will get to the top like they have. And I wonder if anyone will ever give as much as they have given.

Thank you; I’m glad I’m not alone in this situation; that there are still “soft” people who’ll feel tears at the memory of the Beatles.

Thank you so very much and may God bless you all at TS.

Name Withheld By Request
Bethlehem, Penna.

…Yesterday I picked up TS and practically flipped for the color photo of Davy Jones. But the thing that I admired most was your article on “Why The Beatles Stopped Performing.” It was great! Because I feel the same way you do, and I cry every time I remember Paul singing “Yesterday.”

I would love to meet JM someday and tell her she’s the coolest 26-year-old person. She writes what’s in her heart, which I could hug her for.

Terry Kremin
Detroit, Mich.

…JM’s article made me understand.

I would like to quote Michael Bozos in saying “Don’t just say Beatles Forever, mean it!”

Rena Landstrom
Lansing, Mich.

…I’d like to commend you on the article that Janey Milstead wrote—“Why The Beatles Stopped Performing.” It was fantastic, and moved me greatly.

I especially liked her last line if other people think we’re soft, it’s just too damn bad.

Donna Helm
Oneco, Florida

We are going to have a Beatle rally on August 23, 1967 at Shea Stadium. If anyone reading this would like to come, please write to one of the following addresses.

Maureen Terbruggen
1201 West Side Ave.
Jersey City, N.J. 07306

Kathy McCartney
530 Marshall St.
Elizabeth, N.J. 07206

Joann Colucci
3301 Olinville Ave.
Bronx, N.Y. 10467

…Why wasn’t I invited to the Beatle Rally at Griffith Park? All Beatle luvers in the Boston area contact me and we’ll form our own rally at Boston Common! Would also like to hear from Beatle fans from all over. (I’m 16.)

Jeanne Nicolosi
31 Oxford St.
Somerville, Mass. 02143

P.S. Janey, you’re invited!

Any more rallies? Let me know in time and I’ll try to print the news in TS.—JM

I would like to conduct a survey to determine which Monkee is the most popular. I’d also like to know which of their songs is liked the most.

I hope everyone will participate. I’ll let TS know the results as soon as possible.

Karen Hansen
2 Waling Dr.
Wayne, N.J. 07470

Thanks again for the great article on the so-called Sunset Strip Riots. You cleared up this question!

Lynette Terry
Patterson, Calif.

…I would like to thank you for printing what really happened on the Sunset Strip. I’ve written a book about a girl who was on the Strip when this all was supposed to have happened but I see I was completely wrong, and I’m planning to re-write it.

I sure would appreciate it if any teens who were on the Strip would write me more details and send newspaper clippings.

Rose Rasmussen
Waupum, Wis. 53963

I’ve been reading with interest the letters in your column from girls who are in “too deep” (meaning their minds are blown over a particular singing idol). Well, I’m no different. I’m nutty (to put it mildly) over Mick, Bill, Brian, Keith and Charlie.

I’d love to start such a club for their most avid fans—the ones who live, breathe, talk and think STONES.

I have lot of surprises and plans for the club, so all you Stones-Maniacs write me and we’ll be able to work our problem out together.

Mary Marshall
1024 E. 11 St.
Duluth, Minn. 55805

I just finished reading Kathy Hageman’s letter in TS. (Ed. Note Kathy disagreed with an anti-British letter printed previously.) Though I was pleased that she got some of her facts right, she is not entirely correct. I can speak with authority because I just returned from three raving years in England and, altogether, have spent eight years of my life in that groovy country.

According to popular belief, it rains all the time there—AND IT DOES! All the time means about three times a week, depending on the weather conditions. It may rain as often as three times a day for as long as a week!!

I’ll have to agree with Kathy in that the people are some of the friendliest I have ever met. I still consider England as my home even though I am an American. I love my country, too, but what I would really love to have is dual citizenship.

There are four distinct types of teens there, and contrary to Kathy, you are either a Mod, Rocker, Greaser or a Trog. The real Mod look for boys does NOT constitute having hair down to your shoulders! The Mod hairdo is shorter than that, though you can still tell the boys from the girls. The girls’ hair is either very long or very short if you are a Mod.

As for the few boys she saw there with long hair and bell-bottom pants, I would like to remind her that styles change quite rapidly and the “in” look at the moment is (would you believe) the Western look. With Bobby capes, of course! Several boutiques over there are selling loads of Western clothes and even saddles. I knew a boy who had a saddle on the seat of his scooter!

Mary Hyde
Colorado Springs, Colo.

I’m a Monkee-fan as are many other teens, and I try to get every magazine that contains pix and articles about them. I want to thank you for printing that out-a-site pic of them. Also the article.

The Monkees came to Hawaii for their premiere performance, and believe me, it was something to remember. They are the warmest, friendliest, and funniest guys ever.

I’ll continue to keep track of TS in hopes that there will be many, many more articles on the fab four. Also, would you print something about the Young Rascals. I can’t seem to find much on them.

Pearl City, Hawaii

My thanks to TS for not printing any of this “Beatles VS Monkees” nonsense. I agree with JM that there is no big rivalry between the two groups, but I do think there’s a lot of it between some of their respective fans.

This is very silly. Both groups are at the top, and there’s no reason why we can’t like both. If you only like one, you can put a stop to the silliness by not making a big deal out of not liking the other. If you like the Monkees, you can say something good about them without saying something bad about the Beatles, and vice versa. Also, the Monkee fans should try to realize that we Beatle fans don’t mean anything bad when we say “we had the real thing.” This doesn’t mean we consider the Monkees a copy of the Beatles. Anyway, I don’t. But I do see some of the Beatles in the Monkees, the same way I see some of them in all the groups that have happened since they started the whole thing.

Let’s stop all this feud bit. The Beatles and the Monkees are friends. Their fans should be the same.

Jeanette Weiss
San Francisco, Calif.


I would like to sponsor a poll to find out which of the Monkees is the most popular. Everyone please send me your vote and I’ll let TS know the results as soon as possible.

Sally Aglialoro
7260 Calamus Ave.
Woodside, N.Y. 11347

I owe TS a great big “kiss.” Thanks very, very much for the article on Keith. I have bought almost every teen mag trying to gain some info on him. You are the first mag to print a decent pic and more than a paragraph on him.

I have seen him in person and he’s just about the grooviest guy around.

Susan Black
Fairborn, Ohio

Your magazine is groovy. Just simply super. The April issue was great! More fab pictures, especially of Mark Lindsay, Phil Volk, Keith Allison and the Monkees.

Sue Kobyluck
Oakdale, Conn.

My name was printed in TS Pen Pals just shortly before I returned to the States. I am now back in Switzerland, but there has been a misunderstanding about my mail being forwarded.

Will everyone who wrote me please write again, to my new address?

Michael Veigh
Residence Florybel
2 Rue Longeraie
Lusanne, Switzerland

Magazine: Teen Screen
Editor: Janey Milstead
Volume: 9
Issue: 7
Publisher: Continental Communications, Inc.
Pages: 64–66