How Would You Like To Spend A Groovy Afternoon With Davy Jones And Kurt Russell?

Magazine: Monkee Spec. #10
Published: 1987
Volume: 1
Issue: 10
Publisher: D.S. Magazines, Inc.
Page: 24–25

Davy’s a big fan of movies and Kurt Russell just happens to be one of the best actors today! After Davy saw Kurt in “Follow Me Boys,” he told Ann Moses he’d like to meet him.

So when Davy finally had an afternoon off the Monkee set, he buzzed over to the Disney lot and spent some time with Kurt. Our Monkee Spectacular cameras were there to catch the action.

Above: Ship ahoy, mates! It’s Davy and Kurt getting acquainted at the Disney boat dock. They grooved from the very start! Below: Kurt shows Davy all around the western town.

Horses figured high on the list of conversation topics. Kurt’s movie is called “Year of the Horse” and deals with the Washington International Horse Show, the biggest horse event in the U.S. Naturally, this was the place for Davy! Below: They moved on to the authentic Italian village where Davy’s crazy comments kept the two of them it [sic] stitches.

“You pull, I’ll ride the rickshaw!” says Davy. But not for long! Below: Looks like Kurt’s pretty rough to work for! They have a mutual respect for each other’s fab acting talent—just couldn’t resist clowning it up and acting out a scene on each set.

This scene deserved an Oscar! Looks like the Italian statue has a fast grip! Below: Time out at tour’s end while they discuss getting together to drive a few golf balls. They discovered many common interests and were great friends already!