Come to Davy’s Grand Opening of Zilch I

Hello! How are you? Welcome to the wonderful world of Zilch I! Let’s start from the very beginning and proceed step by step—up to and through the opening of my new mod boutique in Greenwich Village in New York City!

  • Davy Jones
  • Davy Jones
    Info Would you believe that a week ahead of the opening date, I zipped into my new store and straightened everything out? Well, I did!
  • Davy Jones
    Info I made sure that all the achkans were neatly arranged and placed in order according to size—
  • Davy Jones
    Info And one day I even started to decorate the window—Oh, no—don’t shoot from that side!
  • Davy Jones
    Info That’s more like it! While I was decorating the window, two kids walked by—but I guess they didn’t believe their eyes. They just blinked twice and kept on walking.
  • Davy Jones
    Info It’s time for the grand opening and am I nervous! Do I look it? (I kept changing my shirt all day, in case you’re wondering.)
  • Peter Tork, David Pearl, Sally Field, Rachel, Davy Jones
    Info Guess I shouldn’t have been nervous. All my buddies showed up for the opening. Here’s Peter, David Pearl, Rachel (a friend of Peter’s), and my buddy Sally Field.
  • Davy Jones, Jeff Neal
    Info And of course, my New York pal—Jeff Neal came too. We both put on our “famous” shirts, which will be sold at the store along with all of the other goodies.
  • Davy Jones, Gloria Stavers
    Info 16’s Gloria Stavers was there, natch. Hey, Gloria, how do you like this one?
  • Davy Jones
    Info She likes it—so, by golly, I’ll wear it! As a matter of fact, you can own it, too! Just turn the page!


Magazine: 16
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 9
Issue: 9
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Pages: 22–23