50 True Facts About Davy Jones

Davy Jones
  1. His jacket size is 36.

  2. Davy is 5'3" and weighs 117 pounds.

  3. Davy would some day like to produce his own records.

  4. He’d also like to do a motion picture—playing a character like himself.

  5. On weekends Davy usually stays around the house, writing songs, and writing letters home.

  6. Davy plays the guitar and the tambourine.

  7. Davy started acting in school because he wanted to get out of classes.

  8. In England he was a member of the Congregational Church.

  9. Davy much prefers to play characters who are similar to him in real life.

  10. A favorite outing for Davy is when he and his friends take off for a day at Laguna Beach and dinner.

  11. Davy was 16 years old the first time he ever stayed in a hotel.

  12. David Merrick produced the American version of Oliver with Davy.

Davy Jones
  1. He was given the part because American audiences understood his accent.

  2. One of Davy’s favorite actors is Kurt Russell.

  3. Davy sleeps in a circular bed.

  4. He started training in the stables in 1960.

  5. Davy not only bought a new home for his father, but he never misses writing home to him.

  6. Davy has a cat named Tibbs.

  7. The least money Davy ever made working was .90 cents a week as an apprentice jockey.

  8. The highest amount, before the Screen Gems contract, was $550 a week in Pickwick.

  9. Davy decided to become a jockey because he wanted to make money fast, and because of his height he thought he could only be a jockey.

  10. Davy had over 30 relatives come to London for the Monkee concerts.

  11. He loves to dance and dances in all the clubs he visits.

  12. Three of the clubs he visited in London were The Cromwellian, The Scotch of St. James and The Bag O’ Nails.

Davy Jones
  1. Davy likes to keep his date-life—and who he’s dating—generally private.

  2. Davy never forgets a birthday of a friend or relative.

  3. He’s currently having a sports car specially made with the steering wheel on the right hand side.

  4. Davy has never paid over $50 for a painting.

  5. He paints on his own, but gives his paintings away to friends.

  6. The ring on his right hand was a 21st birthday present from his friends in New York, the Neals.

  7. Davy writes his father once a week.

  8. He is currently thinking of applying for American citizenship.

  9. But Davy loves England and America equally.

  10. Due to his draft status Davy will never have to go to war.

  11. Last year Davy bid on Winston Churchill’s thoroughbred stud farm, but it was too expensive.

Davy Jones
  1. Davy has a scar on his right side.

  2. Davy is strictly a pacifist—he hates arguing with people.

  3. He takes exactly three teaspoons of sugar in his tea.

  4. Many of Davy’s shirts are specially-made in England.

  5. Davy used to have a houseboy, but fired him because he was used to doing things himself.

  6. One of Davy’s favorites is coconut candy.

  7. One of Davy’s favorite-type dates is going to the movies.

  8. Another English favorite of Davy’s is steak and kidney pie.

  9. Davy opened his own psychedelic-type clothes shop in New York in October.

  10. He next plans to open one in Los Angeles.

  11. Davy often gives his “love beads” away to friends and fans.

  12. Davy admits that he “can’t fall in love right now.”

  13. His prediction is that the Monkees will probably last one more year.

  14. Davy has never had any trouble with weight.

  15. Davy used to bite his fingernails, but doesn’t anymore.

Magazine: Monkee Spectacular
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 9
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 10–11