Keith Altham’s British Beat

LONDON—The anti-society event of the year was dear old ERIC’S marriage to model ANGIE KING at the London Speakeasy Club, where among the people assembled were best man ZOOT MONEY (in morning suit with flowers tucked descreetly [sic] behind his ears), HOLLIE BOBBY ELLIOT, CHRIS FARLOWE, JEFF BECK (ex-Yardbird), Jazz-man CHRIS BARBER, Madeleine Bell and the ANIMALS. It was a hearts, flowers and onions affair with the onions provided by a champagne-happy journalist lobbing cocktail onions at the DJ spinning discs. The happy couple led the dancing with the first number—“Whole Lotta Shaking” by Jerry Lee Lewis, closely followed by “Great Balls of Fire.” I was last seen being spun above the head of a 225-pound wrestler who appeared convinced I was a karate expert! The wedding cake had a chrysanthemum rammed through the top tier. Good luck to my friend Eric and his wife.

BRIAN JONES plays a version of “We do Like to be beside the Seaside” on the next ROLLING STONES album . . . You were right about “Words” MIKE—and that was why “Pleasant Valley Sunday” never made the Top Ten here . . . TROGGS new agent is HERMAN’S man Danny Betish . . . KINK manager Robert Wace recorded a knockout version of “Don’t”, the old ELVIS PRESLEY hit, with newcomer Ebony Keyes . . . JIMI HENDRIX being mean with his TIM HARDIN 2 album after I stole the first one . . . DONOVAN badly wants to tour American West Coast.

SMALL FACES Small Faces Small Faces—how long before you get this message? . . . THE TREMELOES and the CREAM are just not good friends . . . BILL WYMAN looking for fossils in his back garden—and finding them amongst the newly laid gravel . . . Rumors that MICK JAGGER was singing on Sergeant Peppers’ LP and PAUL McCARTNEY is on the STONES’ “We Love You”—(the high voice) . . . MARIANNE FAITHFULL kindly gifted me with a copy of the works of Omar Khayam and is currently reading “Treatise On White Magic” . . . PAUL McCARTNEY has three cats: Jesus, Joseph, and Mary . . . KEITH RICHARD wearing a badge on his black cap with a photo insert of the Russian astronaut who was killed when his craft burned up re-entering Earth’s atmosphere.

MICK JAGGER on music to think to: “Sex-appeal and the hysteria usually associated with pop idols are gradually being replaced with more thoughtful music. You could sense the change in pop-directions when the Beatles made “Revolver”-we’re after peoples’ minds now and the new groups are moving the same way.” . . . MARIANNE FAITHFULL was sold on the SUPREMES’ “Reflections” . . . SIMON AND GARFUNKEL’S “Fakin It” made number one in ANDREW OLDHAM’S Rolls Royce . . . HARPERS BIZARRE—yes . . . New track on forthcoming Stones LP “She Comes in Colours” written by Mick and Keith . . . SMALL FACE STEVE MARRIOT unbelievably enthusiastic about working for Andrew Oldham’s “Immediate label” . . . DUSTY SPRINGFIELD TV series on British TV establishes her as top-quality artist in Britain.

BILL WYMAN on the liklihood [sic] of the Stones playing live again: “You can’t go leaping about the stage forever and when you get to my age it gets a bit of a drag. Charlie, I know, couldn’t care less and Mick thinks he is old enough to move into new things. Most of our fans have got married and moved on too so we would never get our old audiences back. I suppose if Mick and Keith decided we would do a live performance that it would happen—I doubt it.”

BRUCE JOHNSTON greatly impressed with ALAN PRICE SET on his visit here . . . DONOVAN’S manager Ashley Kozaks resplendent in a mini black teacher’s robe . . . BRIAN JONES wearing a steel bracelet given to him by crown Prince Stache de Rola . . . PAUL McCARTNEY has written a number of tracks on jazz man’s Chris Barber’s new LP “Catcall” on Giorgio Gomelsky’s new Marmalade label . . . ERIC BURDON has written a tribute song called “Monterey” in memory of that memorable festival . . . MICK JAGGER gifted with a jacket of many colors ‘gotogether’ by younger brother Chris.

JIMI HENDRIX on being Jimi Hendrix: “I’ve had my hair this way since the days of Tony Curtis—it’s the way I like it. I’m not trying not to look like other people—I’m just trying to look like me.” . . . RAY DAVIES thinks anything in the key of ‘F’ is a good number . . . MICK JAGGER greatly amused by MOTHERS OF INVENTION ‘prune’ songs on their new album . . . GEORGE HARRISON says it’s all due to cosmic joke 43!!

Magazine: Flip
Publisher: Kahn Communications Corporation
Pages: 40–41