Keith Altham’s British Beat

Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones
Info Davy and Micky

LONDON—BEACH BOY BRUCE JOHNSTON has a lot of faith in ALAN PRICE’S ability . . . Down at the London Speakeasy, which is our new in club, Bruce fell over SAMMY DAVIS, JR., JOHN LENNON, ERIC BURDON, LAURENCE HARVEY, JONATHAN KING and DUSTY SPRINGFIELD . . . DAVE DEE taking his pilot license in Cherokee trainer at Andover airport . . . RINGO just one of the top pop people who publicly broadcast messages of regret over the Government’s banning of pirate radio here . . . Jazz man Chris Barber has recorded ‘Cat Calls’ under the direction of its composer PAUL McCARTNEY with ANIMAL VIC BRIGGS at the session, JANE ASHER and organist BRIAN AUGER . . . MICK JAGGER producing MARIANNE FAITHFULL’S next single—possibly a Stones composition . . . MANFRED MANN at our Alexandra Palace ‘Love-in’ without his flowers which he claimed “are away being cleaned” . . . With ANDREW OLDHAM managing the Small Faces it should not be long before you find their faces fit in the U.S. . . . PAUL MC showing an interest in new London group the KALEIDESCOPE . . . THE BEATLES cannot read music, who cares . . . Is it just a coincidence that the MAMAS AND PAPAS cannot seem to register here in the Winter—I hope so . . . Got any good “fog-songs” John? . . . Someone 5600 miles away was sad for you, CHER . . . JOHN LENNON’S magnificent stroke of painting a Rolls Royce up like a technicolor nightmare much applauded by this reporter—now if we can only get everyone to wear different color bowler hats and carry painted umbrellas . . . . . . Which famous American pop star quoth ‘Ringo Who?’ . . . 10,000 written ‘Pleases’ received at my office to meet BRUCE JOHNSTON written by three girl fans . . . EX-ANIMAL JOHN STEEL (drummer) now managing a warehouse which sells wall paper in Newcastle . . . WHO’s manager Kit Lampert collected two black eyes and a broken nose at Britains ‘Love In’ at the Alexandra Palace—love, love, love . . . Sorry to hear about ZAL . . . Time for the big disc here, SONNY . . . ERIC BURDON clinging out to his TIM HARDIN 2 album despite my determined efforts to wrench it from him . . . Everyone’s favorite DJ—PETER MURRAY . . . KEITH RICHARD must have a season ticket to Rome . . . Hit any good gardeners with your bows and arrows, MICHELLE . . . Take heart. SEBASTIAN, you’ll win through . . . JILL GIBSON my kind of photographer . . . DAVY JONES not a Ronald Reagan fan . . . JAGGER now looks like Geronimo, which is O.K. . . . BILL WYMAN separated from his wife last February . . . KINK PETE QUAIFE on an astrology kick . . . BILL WYMAN has a golden retriever called ‘Big Ears’ . . . HERMAN flopped out here with Donovan’s composition, “Museum” . . . SPECTRUM’S lead guitarist Colin Foresey used to work with STONE CHARLIE WATTS . . . KINKS’ next LP. ‘Something Else By the Kinks’ with sleeve notes by yours truly . . . HOLLIES have a new co-manager Robin Britten who is also GENE PITNEY’S publicist . . . When they realise that you cannot out Beatle the BEATLES and go looking for a new young and original talent there will be a new and exciting pop scene . . . SPENCER DAVIS anxious to make that West Coast scene . . . My kitten keeps walking all over my typewriter—she’s called “Frisco” . . . paws for applause . . . FRANK SINATRA JUNIOR well named . . . GRAHAM NASH takes frequent trips to Morocco . . . MICK JAGGER refers to Procol’s hit as ‘A Whiter Shade of Bach’ . . . ‘You’ll Never Fall in Love Again’ was a good song for TOM JONES . . . JAGGER says ‘Alternate Title’ as good a number as ‘Dandelion’ . . . SCOTT WALKER’S first LP ‘Scott’ includes Tim Hardin’s “The Lady Came From Baltimore” and has some more of those groovy sleeve notes . . . Hello, TRACY . . . THE MOVE one to watch . . . Saw an antique grandfather clock that you would like to go with your 1930 Rolls, MILA LOVE . . . My kitten has just climbed the hawthorn bush in the garden and is firmly stuck some 20 feet above the ground . . . I just thought you’d like to know . . . Don’t give up, DEREK, we need you . . . RAY DAVIES sends his regards, MIKE, and hopes to see you next time around . . . At our equivalent of Monterey, the Windsor Jazz Festival, the SMALL FACES were only able to perform four numbers before the authorities pulled all the power plugs out—the Festival had run 60 seconds over time and the Police demanded it be stopped . . . California, Here I come!

Magazine: Flip
Publisher: Kahn Communications Corporation
Pages: 48–49